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So much talk has been going on about ETF's and investing into bitcoin via the stock market. While this still is pushing forward did you know you could already be investing into the stock market that is related to bitcoins and other cryptos growth?

That stock would be NVDA (Nvidia) which is the manufacture of video cards. If you where smart enough to invest in this stock you would be up a nice crisp 164% in this past year along with some dividend yield!

There are a number of other chip makers for CPU intensive coins but video cards seem to be the hot commodity right now as video card manufactures ramp up and start selling mining based video cards instead of "game" type video cards.

So next time someone tells you they wish they could invest in bitcoin via the stock market remember to share with them this bit of insight.

Please remember this is not professional advice and based only on my own opinion. Please be responsible with your own money and choices you make when investing it is your responsibility and no one elses fault but your own.


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Very true...i heard one of their divisions were up this past qtr over 100% due to mining chips. Look at XLNX too perhaps? I bought it in the high 40's

Not a bad investment for sure that puts you not far off from 100% already. Some times buying the shovels instead of the gold is the better bet ;)

Yes, XLNX was a sleeper :) I'm happy . I believe all the chip stocks will continue to climb as IofT is introduced more and more.

Of course Bitcoin is available on the Forex market which is good to invest in. Similar to Gold and Silver.
But it is always better to own the real thing.
I.e. Bitcoin in a wallet. Gold and Silver in the physical format.
Great post man. Keep it up!!

Great piece of information to know and those profits are very impressive,thanks for sharing.


Here is another one with crypto exposure. my broker was going to charge me $50 to buy however.

Wow so informative. thanks for this post.. done follow and resteem your post. hope thats a help.

Can we imagine if bitmain or a mining manufacturer was publicly traded how much money they can obtain?

So WOoW 🙈🌼❤

Great info.. Thanks


I didn't know, very interesting!

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