Penny Stocks & The Stock Market This Week March 20-24

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Stock Market Outlook This Week: March 20th – March 24th

Whether you’re trading penny stocks or searching for the best high-dividend stocks to invest in for 2023, knowing what to expect in the week ahead could help you understand how to approach the stock market. This has already been a very volatile year with an underlying bearish trend spearheaded by inflation concerns and, now, the latest banking crisis.

Over the weekend, some of the biggest banking news included headlines that UBS (NYSE: UBS) made a $1 billion all-share bid for the embattled Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS). The Swiss bank has come under fire amid the Silicon Valley Bank-fueled contagion in the financial sector, stoking an initial run on regional banks.

Credit Suisse was recently provided an emergency credit line of 50 billion Swiss francs amid the latest global banking sector stress. There’s also a clause from UBS that allows for a deal to be void if credit defaults climb beyond 100 basis points or more, according to reports from the Wall Street Journal & people “close to the situation.”

The Stock Market This Week: Key Economic Data To Know March 20th – March 24th - CONTINUE READING


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