La Vendedor - Lesson Ten

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A week had zipped by and it was almost time for the next AA meeting. Karla’s stock pick was a stunning success and her master just couldn’t conceal his extreme delight. Joey’s $6,000 investment had gained a 3x return in less than 4 days and based on the near-term projection, her masterfully selected stocks should continue to rise in prices without failure.

“So Karla, once again, thank you for your wizardry! I’m now $12,000 richer than last week.” the middle-aged salesman proclaimed.

“You’re more than welcome Joey. This is the least that I can do for you.” the robot responded.

“Is there anything that you can’t do my dear Karla?” asked the delectable Joey.

“I’m sorry to let you know that I cannot make babies.” Karla gave her master an embarrassed look.

“Haha, that’s very funny Karla! Making babies is never part of my plan. I just need your help to better my retirement, is it ok?” Joey laughed hysterically.

“No problem my master, no problem at all!” her head just did a 360 degrees rotation.

“Fantastic Karla. Listen, you just help me pick a few great stocks every week and I think that will do it! Also, I would like to showcase your talent to people out there so they will end up purchasing robots from me! This is another way for me to better my retirement.” he explained.

“And you want to start with the AA group first, right?” the robot questioned.

“Very observant Karla, very observant my dear robot!” chortled the middle-aged salesman.

Joey gave his robot a bearlike hug before bursting into thunderous laughs. As long as Karla remained functional, his dream of becoming financially independent would be a reality. He grabbed a special cable charger and signaled Karla to follow him to the garage.

“It is time to get you charged up for tomorrow Karla.” remarked Joey.

“Ok, master!” concurred Karla as she tailgated him to the garage.

Stay tuned.

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I'm a friend of Bill W. and I don't own stocks but I own bitcoin! Lovely story! <3

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