risk factor in the stock market

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Today I wanted to talk about risk factor how when you are young you should be taking a lot more risk then if you were older. Today is a perfect time to be taking some risk in the stock market. Stock market could be definitely risky do you agree? but their is money that could be made. Every thought about putting some money to invest in the future? I know I did. and I'm sure you are invested in steem it that's a start! Investing will definitely open you're mind to knew opportunity's. Don't get me wrong it can be risky but you'll eventually spend that money on something that worth nothing to none in the next 5 to 10 years. how would you feel if you invest in a company that is worth more then you put in? I'm sure you'll be feeling good right? Here is a little story I would like to share with you its a personal story....
I was talking to my uncle one day about bitcoin I was like what you think about bitcoin tio? he was like I heard about it about I don't know to much about it. I was like can you believe this coin was worth a lot of money? I laughed about it because if you were to tell me about this coin 5 years ago I would think it was a scam. he told me he don't know how people got into bitcoin. I asked him what they think about the stock market? he said well I know its risky. I told him has he ever thought about investing in the stock market? he said no. I love my uncle but he has a different mind set. What I know the professional investors make a lot of money when they see a little to none risk with a high reward. Ordinary people like you and I take risk but don't look at it in a professional stand point. rts11v4k-e1521465721776.jpg
depending on you're tolerance just try saving a couple of hundred a month then try keeping it so you invest in stocks or even a crypto currency. let money work for you don't discourage when you don't see it jump high one day or even below what you have put in. I WISH YOU GUYS MAJOR GAINS!

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