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To date the most valuable wealth in a person's life is his health, with good health and physical shape, you can perform any task and overcome difficulties. But not everyone is able to strengthen and take care of themselves in full, giving it little time or even forgetting about it.

Why is this happening?! The fact is that the modern health care system is much outdated and the introduction of innovation is quite slow, but the drugs, the necessary operations are very expensive and inaccessible to more people. Insurance companies do not fulfill their obligations under the contract and have to spend time on them, going to court or other administrative authorities.

Basically, state-run institutions are being created that provide primitive, outdated and not always effective methods of treatment and people often have to turn again. Many drugs are so expensive that pensioners spend almost all of their pension on medical care, and in fact could not be such a situation.
And this situation is relevant even for well-developed civilized countries, where medicine is not in last place, what can we say then about the cities and territories of Asia, Africa, where people need to overcome hundreds and thousands of kilometers to the emergency room.

But do not despair, because now you will learn how you can always be healthy physically, get information about more effective methods of prevention, new applications for treatment are among the first thanks to a platform called Bamboo!
Bamboo is a decentralized platform that uses artificial intelligence, sensors of the Internet of things and all this is implemented in a mobile application that allows users to enter into an insurance contract with the help of smart contracts based on Ethereum, which already eliminates the possibility of fraud, to receive real-time parameters and other data about their health.

You can even say that it will be your personal pocket doctor, informing you constantly about your physical condition, helping to choose only the right and healthy foods through scanning and determining the composition using the application, advising you to perform certain exercises to improve health.

This is an open platform where various service providers can join, which are thoroughly tested by the project team and will be able to receive more interested users and potential customers. Thanks to the blockchain and mobile application, Bamboo stores a lot of personal data of users of this ecosystem and will make health insurance available to everyone.
The team is developing a biometric testing feature that will help each user to monitor their health in a timely manner and take the necessary and effective actions to strengthen it. Bamboo tokens are now being sold in the STO format, which allow their holders to receive a passive income of 15% of the annual profit. This is a more reliable and attractive option for investing in digital tokens, as it complies with all SEC regulations.

Bamboo has already reached the minimum amount of collection for its further development and will be able to create health care centers in many territories, help people to carry out important prevention of their health, to obtain and analyze a large database for the creation of new medicines, to cooperate with the best and proven service providers from different areas.
In this article, I only told you a small part of what will be useful for such an open and multifunctional platform, so I recommend further study the information on these links below:












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Every day medical technology contributes more to health.

Medical technology with blockchain will develop more effective methods of prevention and treatment!

A powerful experienced team and a promising idea to improve the health of many people

I look forward to the implementation of this idea and the release of the mobile application, I try to carefully monitor my health and it will be interesting to follow the readings in real time)

Investors can get a considerable profit in this project

I hope that it will be, the company is serious and has great goals

Thank you for the great article,I am follow the development of this project!

The company really is worthy of attention and I wish success to the team)

I also pay attention only to those projects that carry out STO

Yes, this is one of the most promising and reliable areas for investment!

A powerful experienced team and a promising idea to improve the health of many people

Health prevention gives much more effective results than treatment and this application will help to consistently monitor their health and physical condition!

Choose healthy foods using the application is a very interesting feature

I will be happy to use this feature!

Finally the crooks will be eliminated from this area

Finally the crooks
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Excelente información, continua así. Muy buen contenido.
el mayor de los éxitos.

Thanks, this project can help to impove health many people!

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