10 Start Being an Entrepreneur

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In entrepreneurship - as in many other activities in life - having an example to follow is very valuable. These iconic entrepreneurs not only help us to follow their steps and avoid their mistakes, but also give us a good dose of inspiration.
No one said it was easy to be an entrepreneur. Whether you are starting your business, just securing financing for your startup or ready to launch your product, there will always be three components when it comes to asking if all this is worthwhile.

Instead of giving up and throwing in the towel, keep your head up and take note of the next fifty phrases to motivate you during those difficult times:

  1. "The most important ingredient is to get up and do something. It's that simple Many people have ideas, but only some decide to do something today. No tomorrow. Not the next week. But today. The real entrepreneur acts instead of dreaming "- Nolan Bushnell, entrepreneur.

  2. "Do or not do. It's no good trying, just doing "- Yoda, Jedi Master.

  3. "For any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you do not do it you will regret it "- Catherine Cook, co-founder of MyYearbook.

  4. "It's not about ideas. But to make these come true "- Scott Belsky, co-founder of Behance.

  5. "I have lost more than nine thousand opportunities in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. They have given me twenty-six times the winning shot and I have failed. I have failed again and again in my life and that is why I have succeeded "- Michael Jordan, professional basketball player.

  6. "There's nothing wrong with being small. You can do great things with such a team "- Jason Fried, founder of 37signals.

  7. "Ideas are easy, implementing them is difficult" - Guy Kawasaki, founder of AllTop.

  8. "If you only work on things that you like and are passionate about, you should not have a master plan to see how it all works out" - Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

  9. "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best moment is now "- Chinese proverb.

  10. "If you are going through a bad time, keep going" - Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England.

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