Stish Launches New Website Prior To Token Event

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Each Saturday We Add To The Whale Pool For The community.

This week we have made some more small gains. The good news it that Steem price keeps dropping which is helping us buy more Steem Power even with small sales of Stish. This week since we are pre-ICO and some people are taking advantage of the Angel pricing on Radex Exchange we have another small amount of Steem to buy and add to the whale pool for the community.

Many people love the ability to own Stish and build a whale pool for Steemit. It allows Minnows a way to build a whale pool even if they do not have loads of investment cash.

This week we add a small amount of Steem to @steemish. Our account that recently launched the website which talks more about Stish the token.

How Much Did The Whale Pool For Minnows Grow?

Only 100 Stish were sold pre-ico last week! Some weeks are better than others.


@blocktrades has been unavailable everytime we try to buy Steem. We will have to roll this weeks sales of Stish to next weekend! SO next weekend there will be at least 0.01 ETH worth of Steem purchased for the whale pool plus the amount from Stish sales this week.


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