Saturday Stickerchallenge - "An amazing ingredient of beer!!!"

Beer - as we all know is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages known to the world. The word beer comes from an old Slavic pivo. For me, beer is a golden color, pleasant bitterness and an ideal "cooling drink" on warm summer days.
And the Summer is coming :)


One thing is certain, that the beer has antimicrobial, antimalaric and antiviral properties. This medical miracle, beer owes thanks to xanthohumol. Interestingly, the main ingredient for prostate cancer is active xanthohumol.

What do you think about it, maybe it's worth to run for a beer :)

Cheers and stay healthy my friends :)

I hope you have enjoyed !!!

Thank you for visiting and support my work. My heart is deeply appreciate .


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I do not like to drink friend beer, whether beer is good for our health.

You have given us very good reasons gift having a beer party every evening!! LoL

I wonder why the beer company here doesn’t toot in the benefits of their beer!?


so we see both negetive and positive too.

Yes, we do :)

I do enjoy an ale now and then:)

HAHA, great ;) me too !!!

Na zdrowie!!!

Dziękuję Ci :)

wish you a happy beer day.....just enjoy

Yes, my dear; summer hit and the cold beer :)))

Great idea plus watching sunset ;)

Cheers to an epic weekend dear :D

Let's take credit for another which is coming ;)

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