Greed is not Good. Rally to Stop the Destruction of Steemit.

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Hey Gin has been grabbing $10,000's of Steem/SBD every week for months now. A whale is helping him.

Many whales see this behaviour is bad and needs to stop. @fulltimegeek has decided to enter the battle.

Here is his post:

I request that ALL MY FOLLOWERS rally behind @fulltimegeek starting in 5 days (roughly Wednesday morning EST February 28th) his Steem Delegation will be back and his Steem Power will be at 100% and he will strive to remove all rewards from Hey Gin until HeyGin is ready to do what is best for Steemit, not just what is best for himself.

Are there other battles to be fought? Yes. But this is one key battle where the greed of El Ranch Relaxed and Hey Gin could eventually undermine and destroy Steemit.

I am going to stick my neck out. And I ask for you to also once @fulltimegeek starts swinging.


No footers today. No images. No funny memes.

Please, stand with me and stand with @fulltimegeek. I believe it IS for the good of Steemit!!!


If you want to know... The cave troll is h a e. j i n.
Without the spaces and periods.

He's upvoting himself at 75%, while being upvoted hugely by a huge whale, while powering down and withdrawing significant steem weekly. And of his 10 or so posts a day.... They could be condensed into one or 4 posts. No need for 10 plus.

Very community negative behavior.

In my opinion the troll and the ranch character are either the same person or working together with some sort of kickbacks or something. Otherwise if Ranch is only getting curation why wouldn't he vote for other accounts.

I completely agree.

And if he was actually paying from his wallet, then he is free to pay anyway he likes.

But the Steem reward pool has a limit. It is not a magical unicorn as many in hey gin's group....and himself, seem to think it is.

It is a community resource, and should be handled respectfully.

Thank you for standing up for what is right. I appreciate you Em!

Thank you and @hendrix22!

I am expecting the march to begin any moment now! Good luck to us all!!

Thanks for mentioning this man, I hope with a joined effort this can be successful, I will try to do my part.

I hope this report starts a kind of motion against this behavior that is not healthy to our community.

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