Steemit Stereogram - Find the secret message behind the image

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I want to share with you the experience of being able to view stereograms. First of all, to let you know what that is, a stereogram represents a computer generated image that contains a three-dimensional object in its patterns .


At a first glance a stereogram looks nothing more than a tiled pattern, but if you concentrate and look at it from a specific perspective you will discover amazing 3D image/text messages hidden inside. No, it's not your imagination that plays with you, but is as real as it can be. Nonetheless that is fun and you can exchange hidden messages with someone that trained himself to view stereograms, but is pretty cool and rewarding when you find out what the artist has put in the image for you.

First of all you need to look through the image and let your eyes to un-focus. This way, you will emerge in the picture that should become blurry and present the pattern repeating itself. Once you achieve this the pattern will start overlapping and each eye will target different views of the image. This discrepant views will determine your brain to see the 3D image or message hidden in the patterns.
Viewing the stereogram can be done either on your monitor, but can be done as well on a printed paper and holding it about 30-40 centimeters from it to allow your visual field to cover it.

The method that I recommend using it is by facing the image. Here are the steps to achieve and master it.

  1. Put yourself in the middle distance (30-40 cm) from the picture in order to allow it to cover most of your visual field. Focus and seek to look through the picture like it isn't there.

  2. Ensure that the stereogram is horizontal and that is on a plain surface in order to fetch all the information towards your eyes. Don't move your head in one side or the other and concentrate not to blink.

  3. Begin slowly moving a little back from the stereogram in order to allow your eyes to naturally try to refocus the picutre and try to abstain from seeing cleary the image. Keep the blurry vision as long as the brain will start processing the information and present it in the 3D dimension that it is built on.

  4. Once you can see the 3D picture keep looking at it in order to completely allow the brain to process what it sees. After seeing the message for up to 1 minute you can relax and switch from it in order not to overwhelm them.


Now, try to gues what message I have hidden behind the picture. To give you a hint I will complete part of the message and I will let the rest for you to find out.



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