Who will guard the guard (DGBAT)

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Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who will guard the guard? Well, survival will. For time operates through skin in the game. Things that have survived are hinting to us ex post that they have some robustness— conditional on their being exposed to harm. For without skin in the game, via exposure to reality, the mechanism of fragility is disrupted: things may survive for no reason for a while, at some scale, then ultimately collapse.

– Taleb, Nassim Nicholas. Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life (p.142). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

In Taleb’s insightful tome, Skin in the Game, the probabilistically astute author
gives Cryptosphere pioneers the diving rod by which to find water in the desert of
spurious cryptology technologies. In an environment where opportunistic creators
of blockchain-like technologies engage in sophistry designed to lure investors to
their various mirages, proven open-source blockchain technologies such as
Bitcoin and DigiByte shine bright.

Despite that the Bitcoin technology has been essentially unchanged since its
inception in January 2009, Bitcoin has never been hacked. Bitcoin is fighting – and
winning – going toe-to-toe with the best hackers in the world, twenty-four hours a
day, seven days a week.

Since January 2014, DigiByte has been front-line-fighting, side-by-side with Bitcoin
against the best and brightest villains in the world. Both technologies have proven
they are worthy of guarding the guard. DigiByte, however, has been outpacing the
Bitcoin technology since its inception.

One month after its release into the world, DigiByte improved its cryptography
with its DigiShiled Hardfork. Later that year, it underwent two more
improvements: MultiAlgo and MultiShiled hardforks. DigiByte’s open-source
platform has lead to ever more robust security biodiversity. The longer the
DigiByte technology has existed, the more it has improved.

In two years, DigiByte will be capable of 2000 transactions per second. It will be
more decentralized, more secure, and more adaptive than it is now. Its
collaborative environment will continue its expansion, leading to more uses of its
ever-improving blockchain technology.

DigiByte’s innumerable victories versus hacking and failure have not only proved
it will be the vanguard of cryptocurrencies for real-world applications, its history
demonstrates it will be improving at a rate greater than any cryptography
technology. If you want to predict which cryptocurrency will be the one capable of
“guarding the guards”, look to DigiByte’s many improvements and undefeated
real-world record.
The future is bright for proven blockchain technology; it brightest star is DigiByte.

Written By John Larochelle, Esq
Providence, Rhode Island.

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