DigiByte Road Map & Milestones (DGBAT)

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Updated 21.09.2018
2014, Jan : DigiByte launched
2014, Jan : xtrapool for setting up the first DigiByte Pool
2014, Jan : DigiByte releases Android Wallet
2014, Feb : DigiShield hardfork at block 67,200. DigiByte developers in response to multi-pool attacks test and develop an asymmetrical difficulty adjustment system named DigiShield
2014, Apr : professional presentation & has a booth at the first ever cryptocurrency convention in New York City
2014, Aug : DigiByte trades at bittrex
2014, Sep : MultiAlgo hardfork at block 145,000. DigiByte plans & successfully deploys its second hardfork to allow miners to mine on five independent mining algorithms & is the first digital currency to make such a move.
2014, Nov : DigiByte officially announces a $250,000 private investment to build services around the DigiByte network as well as a strategic collaboration with Tofugear.Ltd of Hong Kong and a new office presence in Hong Kong
2014, Dec : MultiShield hardfork at block 400,000. DigiByte deploys & executes its third hard fork to improve network performance alongside a reward reduction to extend DigiByte production to 21 years.
2015, Jan : DigiByte releases DigiHash Easy Miner for beginners
2015, Jan : DigiByte releases 1st Web Based Multi-Signature Wallet
2015, Jan : The first DigiByte wallet has been approved & listed on the Apple iTunes store
2015, Feb : DigiByte trades at poloniex
2015, Mar : DigiHash Easy Miner 2.0 released
2015, Jun : DigiByte has been added to the Coinomi Wallet
2015, Jun : DigiByte Gaming Wallet released for Android and Chrome extension
2015, Sep : DigiByte Gaming Chrome App Updated
2015, Sep : DigiSpeed hardfork at block 1,430,000
2015, Nov : Update DigiByte Android Wallet
2015, Dec : DigiByte releases DigiByte wallet v4.0.0
2016, Mar : Jared Tate as speaker at “Blockchain and Bitcoin Africa conference 2016”
2016, Mar : Jared Tate as speaker at FinDEVr New York 2016
2016, Apr : Byte Academy Finance and Technology Community meet up “Blockchain intro + Bussiness
2016, Apr : DigiByte attended at LA Games Conference 2016
2016, Apr : DigiByte have partnered with Slingshot eSports to provide a use case for DigiByte Gaming and blockchain based advertising in the gaming world
2016, Apr : Digibyte attended at CollisionHQ
2016, May : Jared Tate as speaker at Finovate 2016 in San Jose
2016, May : DigiByte attended at RISE conference 2016
2016, Jun : Jared Tate as speaker Global Blockchain Summit 2016
2016, Jun : Officially partnering with Microsoft Biz Spark
2016, Jun : DigiBot Version 3.0 Update — Telegram Tipping
2016, Nov : Jared Tate speaks about DigiByteCoin and the future of Blockchain technology at CreditSuisse
2017, Apr : DigiByte Segwit signalling
2017, Apr : First major blockchain to implement SegWit support, ahead of BTC/LTC etc
2017, Apr : 1st Segwit test block on version 6.13.1 has been mined on the main DigiByte blockchain
2017, May : Developer Playground released
2917, May : DiguSign, to securely store, notarize, validate and secure documents in the DigiByte blockchain
2017, Jun : Digibyte Emma Releases the first part of the future AI aspect of DigiByte
2017, Jun : DiguSign has been selected as a finalist for the Citi bank Tech 4 integrity challenge
2017, Jun : Jared Tate speak and participate on a panel discussion Citi bank Tech 4 integrity challenge
2017, Jun : Wirex Digibyte Debit Card
2017, Jul : 1st DigiByte Transaction at Blocknet Decentralize Exchange
2017, Aug : DigiByte add by Coinpayments payment gateway
2017, Aug : DigiByte rebranding
2017, Sept : DigiByte add By Buyucoin, HitBTC
2017, Oct : Digibyte new website released
2017, Oct : Clifford Chance announces Tech for Integrity legal award recipients to DigiByte
2017, Oct : DigiByte add by Upbit, Kucoin, Barterdex, Coinspot, Coingate, HitBTC, Bit-Z Exchanges
2017, Oct : DigiByte available at Ledger Nano and Blue wallet
2017, Nov : Trezor update device firmware for Digibyte Support
2017, Nov : DigiByte Accepted at Top Airport Parking in 25 Airports & Cruises
2017, Nov : DigiByte Foundation website releases
2017, Oct : Jared Tate as speaker at Texas Bitcoin Conference 2017
2017, Dec : DigiByte add by Crypto Change, Cryptobridge, AlcurEX, OKEX, Bitotal, Changelly, EVERCOIN, IAZO Exchanges
2017, Dec : DigiByte add by Kamoney payment gateway
Q1 2018:
1/ DigiByte is available for atomic swap trading on komodo platform decentralize exchange
2/ DigiByte iOS wallet has been submitted to Apple store for testing approval
3/ DigiByte add by Bittylicious exchange
4/ DigiByte add by Coindirect, Coinome, Indacoin, Bitfeks, Shiftexexchanges
5/ Update Core Protocol 6.15.3 wallet.
6/ Under active testing Core Protocol 6.16.1. First crypto wallet that allows sending segwit transaction from GUI interface
7/ Announcing the DigiByte Bounty Fund for Experienced C/C++ developer
8/ The Digibyte Foundation update
9/ Jared Tate as speaker at MIT Bitcoin Expo
10/ DigiByte add by ABRAGlobal, Sistemcoin
11/ DigiByte.io email DMARC record active
12/ DigiByte OneClickMiner released
13/ DigiByte wallet v6.15.2 released
14/ Apple approves iOS wallet for TestFlight Beta testing
15/ DigiByte integration with Trezor
16/ DigiByte Core Wallet 6.16.1 announced
17/ Core Wallet Speed improvements over 6.14.2, now fully syncs over 6 million
blocks in ~2hrs
18/ First major blockchain to support SegWit in 6.16.1
19/ Initial DigiByte Developer Bounty Fund
20/ DigiByte Core Wallet 6.16.2 released, additional minor fixes over 6.16.1
21/ DigiByte initial philanthropic venture in Venezuela completed, fed 160 orphan children
for over a month
22/ Mobile (Android & iOS) redesign contest begins
Q2 2018:
1/ Jared Tate as speaker at The business, Regulation, and Technology of Blockchain Conference
2/ The Voting DigiByte new mobile UI
3/ DigiByte add by OkcoinKR, bitexlive Exchanges
4/ Jared speaks at MIT Blockchain Club 2018
5/ Announcing 4th Bounty DigiID integration with Android & iOS wallet
6/ Digibyte Available at Exodus wallet
7/ Proposal for the use of Digibyte in David Hay Crypto cucuta project
8/ DigiByte Android Beta Support DigiID
9/ DigiID website releases
10/ DigiByte add by Bitit, Instaswap, Coinbrood, Maplechange, vertpig Exchanges
11/ Digibyte available at Guarda Wallet
12/ Digibyte available at JAXXliberty Wallet
13/ Digibyte available at Atomic Wallet
14/ Abra list DigiByte for trading
15/ DigiByte integration with Exodus Wallet
16/ Final MVP release of DigiByte App for Android accepted to Google Play Store
17/ Digi-ID.io website launched along with promo video and supporting documentation
18/ Example Digi-ID libraries now available for 3rd-party integrators
19/ DigiByte Developer Bounty Fund completed successfully
20/ DigiByte second philanthropic venture in Venezuela successful, helped a school with
technology, cryptocurrency and classroom supplies
21/ Mobile redesign contest completed successfully, design implemented
22/ Linda mobile / web wallet support for DigiByte added
23/ Guarda Mobile wallet for DigiByte
24/ Atomic Wallet for DigiByte
25/ DigiByte supoprt added on Coinomi for iOS
26/ DigiByte One-click miner released for easy GPU-mining
27/ Foundation of The DigiByte Awareness Team
28/ DX Exchange will list DigiByte at launch
Q3 2018:
1/ Digital Currency Con 2018
2/ UTRUST integration
3/ Android wallet releases
4/ Digibyte add by Bitbox Line, Houbi Exchanges
5/ iOS wallet releases
6/ Guarda Desktop (Windows, OSX & Linux) released
7/ Guarda DigiByte Web Wallet released
8/ Satowallet for Android & iOS integrates DigiByte
9/ DigiByte for iOS accepted in to the Apple App Store
10/ DigiByte Core Wallet 6.16.3 development commences
11/ Native Bech32 generation in Core Wallet GUI
12/ DigiByte Developer Bounty Round #2 announced
13/ DigiByte for Android / iOS application improvements, QR scanning, syncing
14 / Obtaining a legal opinion with a non-security classification for DigiByte
15 / DigiByte Integtration in Blockfolio App including Blockfolio Signal
16/ First native mobile wallet with Bech32 / SegWit address generation (coming)
17/ Core Wallet UI redesign commencement
18/ DigiByte add by cointree, bitglo, coinsoda, xera, and basichange.com Venezuela exchange
19/ Community contributor at Tour De Crypto
20/ Edge wallet support DigiByte
21/ DigiByte core wallet v6.16.4 released and 0% fee at digihash mining pool
22/ Antum is excited to announce their integration of DigiByte Digi-ID with Antum-ID
23/ Satowallet support pair trading plaftorm for DigiByte
24/ Exodus wallet support segwit address for DigiByte
25/ Bitcoin Super Store accept DigiByte as payment option
26/ Crypto Planet Store accept DigiByte as payment option
27/ Token Business accept DigiByte as payment option
28/ Morestamp Global accept DigiByte as payment option
29/ DigiByte add by Changehero exchange
30/ MyCryptoCheckout v2.16 Added support for the new “dgb1” and “S” DigiByte SegWit addresses
31/ Jared tate speaks on the annual CryptoFinance conference in Oslo
32/ digiexplorer.info support bech32 (dgb1)
33/ Jared tate founder speaks at Digital Currency Con in New Orleans on Dec 3rd — 4th
34/ Changelly support for DigiByte SegWit addresses
35/ DigiByte Joins Africa Blockchain Alliance Promoting blockchain awareness and education in Africa
36/ DigiByte add by CryTrex decentralized exchange, Alladin exchange
37/ The DigiByte blockchain empower the V-ID corporate services
38/ DigiByte wallet core protocol v6.16.5 released
Because DigiByte is being developed and supported by an unincorperated Foundation, Core-team and Community (all non-paid volunteers), we can never commit to dates to accomplish future projects. Therefore please consider future projects to be flexible in time.
Future developments:
1/ DigiStats interactive / historical blockchain statistics website
2/ Address book for Android & iOS applications
3/ Scheduled & repeating mobile payments
4/ Memo broadcast, support logging to blockchain using OP_RETURN
5 / Further integration of DigiByte in payment processing solutions
6 / More fiat- and USDT pairings on several exchanges
7/ DigiAssets for launching ICO’s and other DApps on top of the DigiByte Blockchain
8/ Native Trezor support
9/ DigiByte Core Wallet v6.17
10/ Digiman browser App
11/ DigiMessenger App
12/ Emma, Digibyte Artificial intellegence assistant
13/ Scalability Enhancements
14/ Speed Enhancements
15/ Algo Swap
16/ Artificial Block Intellegence
17/ dApps will be built on the top layer of the DigiByte Blockchain,
with the focus on CyberSecurity, AI and IOT



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