A: A: Can Bacillus F make us immortal?

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I would say with 99% certainty that Bacillus F doesn't have any anti-aging effect on animals whatsoever.

I kind of understand why some pop science paper might get excited about it though. Bacillus species have a unique ability to sporulate...that is in times of environmental stress they form into these really hardy spores. They can be boiled or frozen with little effect. In graduate school, I worked on Bacillus and we used this sporulation to our benefit. We'd often store Bacillus at room temperature for years by inducing sporulation...very efficient and cost effective. Because they last so long and can't easily be killed, some might say that Bacillus spores are "immortal"

However, assuming that the ability to sporulate somehow confers an effect on animal physiology is ridiculous. Spores are so different from eukaryotes that any sort of anti-aging effect from them is more likely to arise by chance rather than by the immortality of spores somehow conferring that trait. One possibility for the results of the Russian scientsts referenced is that Bacillus spores end up contributing to the microbiome of mice which improves their overall health. However, this has nothing to do with anti-aging effect.


Bacillus cells (red) forming endospores (green

For more info on sporulation, check out the in-depth Wikipedia pages.

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Exactly, @tking77798
Just because it forms sturdy spores showing low damage overtime doesn't even mean it's aging slowly. What does even mean to invoke the concept of senescence amd aging in context of an organism which would cease to exist if it stops forming its clones. Then it's like saying you are what you eat. Btw, you should check out this actress who has been injecting this bacteria in herself wishfully thinking it's some fountain of youth.

I gotta look that up. Crazy if it's true.

Russian scientsts

Good for rockets, not for biology XD

Actually, I don't remember any good sci. paper from Russia written about anything related to biology

Oh, I can't even find the paper on the so called famous Russian study on mice and this bacteria!

In Russia, they have a very strange system that is rewarding hyperproduction of spam papers. Basically, more papers = higher salary?! Quality doesn't matter.

The only thing I can remember were some old-school papers about electrophysiology

Yeah, this example is particularly bad because there just isn't any logical scientific basis for the theory.

I'd be curious to read more about Russian hyperproduction of spam papers. Perhaps that's worth a steemit post?

Seems I missed quite a few actually.

I wasn't aware of the original research this was referring to, but it does seem like sporulation has nothing to do with aging in animals...

I don't even know this was a thing people would consider... This being said, I will go sporing in my bed :D

Just don't hurt yourself ;)

Got a cold... I don't know whether this is connected... ;)

lol, are there really people out there who believe we can be immortal by sporing?

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