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RE: Demystifying Going Green

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This is a great post and like Nigeria, most Cameroonians want to power everything with Solar but they need to understand it comes with a mountain cost. I really enjoyed reading this informative post and my question is, how can we make solar energy equipments to be cheap in Africa? What can we do to attract foreign investors?


I think the best way is to start producing it! Another short-term measure is for the government to subsidise it. The solar energy technology is an expensive one at the moment. Unless there's a groundbreaking technology to bring down the cost of production further, I'm afraid we may continue to pay high for it.

People are already investing in solar energy technology. We have lumos and a host of others.

Thanks for this and its true that if governments can subsidize it, it will be rapidly embraced by communities but most importantly, if we can start production, things will be great!