STEMng Digest: Week 36

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This digest is the 36th episode of the #stemng digest series where we bring to you some of the best posts under the #stemng tag in the past week.

For those that do not know yet, stemng is a sub-community of steemSTEM, a community-driven project which seeks to promote well-written and informative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics posts by Nigerians on Steemit. The project involves submitting quality STEM-related posts to the steemSTEM management for upvoting and resteeming where applicable.

More information about stemng activities are found here, while details of what it means to be part of steemSTEM can be found here, as well.

As we usually do, we have sifted through the stemng tag and even though there were several good posts to choose from, below are the posts that stood out for week #36.

Saturday: Lets take a look into the methods of contraceptive use/birth control

Kicking off the week was the post on contraceptive written by @teemike. The methods were written in a simple and unambiguous language.

Sunday: Biodegradibility of Diapers

There is the growing concern over the adverse effects of plastics and other non-biodegradable materials on the environment. The @oluwabori article covers the positive impact of the consumer goods (biodegradable diapers).

Monday: Lessons from Chemical Politics: Friedel-Craft reactions

One may never know there is a connection between chemistry and politics. However, just in case you are curious to find out the correlation between these two seemingly different fields, you may want to check the post by @conas.

Tuesday: The Advent of automated molecular reconfiguration and likely remodification in the paradigm of drug discovery and development

Don't let the long headlines scare you from the blog post of @cyprianj. The post discusses the healthcare system in regards to the use of prescription pills. We can easily buy medicine from the neighbourhood pharmacy, but getting it manufactured requires extensive research and testing. For more details, kindly visit the blog.

Wednesday : Is There Risks Associated With Fathering A Child At Old Age?

In most traditional African society, there is this belief that pregnancy or childbirth concerning the age and problems that may arise is often a problem from the female folk. However, today, @olamseu examines the often unfamiliar territory of the effect of male's age in childbirth.

Thursday: Paper-based Electronics Circuitry by samest

The @samest article shows us that the ordinary pencil can be more than just a writing material. One can make a simple circuit on paper using only the pencil's lead trace on paper as a conductor.

Friday : Beyond myths, nuchal cord, is completely science

Childbirth occurs daily in every part of the world at the rate of about 15,000 births per hour to compensate for the 6000 plus mortality rate at the same period. It is an endeavour which often fills people with anxiety in the event it runs into a problem, @steep2308 looks at one of the things that can go wrong.

About the selection process

The post for each day was selected based on consensus between the stemng management, in persons of @greenrun and @gentleshaid. The @gentleshaid made the week's selections, while @greenrun presented it.

Do not feel discouraged if we did not feature your post. There are rooms for improvement for everyone. Find time to read this guideline if you wish to improve on your STEM-related writings.

Support for @stemng is welcome in any form, including upvotes, resteems and steem power delegations. Feel free to interact with fellow stemians in our discord server.

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund the @stemng project.

We will like to thank the following authors whose work was curated by the @steemstem under the #stemng tag:
@cyprianj, @emperorhassy, @greenrun, @conas, @hilaryisidore, @olamseu, @oluwabori, @oluwoleolaide, @samest, @samminator @steep2308, and @teemike.
Till next week!

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Good to Be here. The transparency here is second to none. All thanks to the management. Congratulations to my fellow authors.



Thank you for being a part of the team.

Thanks @Stemng. You guys are awesome and doing marvelously well. Hope to join the chorus sonnet than later. Congrats to authors.

Thanks for the selection. Long live #stemng

Well done @stemng for this beautiful picks. I congratulate all authors thanks for considering my post too to be selected. More strength for the @stemng management

Stemng to the moon ✈️

A team of awesome and exceptional people. A big congratulations to the featured authors.

I really appreciate the love from stemng and steemstem, let's keep doing this together.

To the wonderful management of stemng in the person of @greenrun and @gentleshaid more grace and strength, the task is quite daunting but God will continue to bless you both. More grace


Big congrats to all the authors featured.
And big-ups to the management of stemng (@gentleshaid and @greenrun) for a job well done.

Una rock jare

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