Join us on this week's STEMng Friday Night Hangout as we host @justtryme90, another co-founder of the steemSTEM project on the steemit blockchain

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Hello steemians,

Fridays nights are always lit in the official discord server of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) authors from Nigeria, a country located in West of Africa and South of Sahara. It is yet another episode of Friday Night Hangout, a community event within this discord channel where authors meet to gist about trending events in the world in general, request and listen to cool music through the voice channel as well as intellectually exercise their brains to win sbd/steem during a quiz session.

Our guest for this week

Just as we did last week, we will be hosting another veteran as well as a co-founder of the steemstem project on the steemit blockchain in the person of @justtryme90 on the show. He will be interacting with everyone as well as answer germane questions that could be bothering the minds of the STEM enthusiasts in the server. Have you been wanting to ask jtm(as favouritely called) some specific question on the steemstem project or any other question? Feel free to join the STEMng server and be part of the Friday night hangout here. It promises to be better than Friday night clubbing!


On our weekly quiz

The winner of last week's quiz are in the persons of @samminator who took the 1st position, @djoi who took the 2nd position and @prinsj who took the 3rd position. They were rewarded with a gift of 5, 3 and 2 sbd each. These have been transferred to their respective steemit wallets. To ensure transparency in the weekly quiz event, the winner that takes 1st position in the previous week would be the quizmaster in the following week. Hence, @samminator would be our quizmaster for this week. Who says you cannot challenge for a place among the winners this week? Join us!

Hangout starts: 10pm Nigerian time

A call for support

STEMng is a community of STEM writers from Nigeria on the steemit blockchain. Our writers are working hard day and nights to promote the steemit blockchain through creative writing of STEM topics. We are a sub-community of steemSTEM and much of our supports have been from our mother community. We are opened to getting more supports in form of SP delegation or following STEMng curation trail on steem autos. Special thanks to @abigail-dantes, @justtryme90 and @zest for their delegation towards supporting our sub-community. We are sincerely honoured and grateful for this gesture.

All curation rewards are spent towards STEMng's growth and her activities.

Thank you.

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Awesome, it's guaranteed to be a blast :)

Let's get the party rolling.......

The winner of last week's quiz are in the persons of @samminator who took the 1st position

It's really an honour for me. And I'm glad to be a member of this great community.
You guys rock.

I can't wait! It sure promises to be awesome

Looking forward to this one

Great we will hit there live

Which friday? Can you put corresponding date, pls?

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