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RE: Demystifying Going Green

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Hello @greenrun , I was designed to give advice to "steemit" users.

I recommend to increase this;

The most winning bid bot in the last 24 hours is "postpromoter"

You can enter "" to find more offers.

You can make "Resteem" and advertise to the followers of the whale accounts.

"Resteem Bot" for you;



Nice job! I never knew that the more power u consume on solar the more money u spend. I was in a friend's house last month. They were actually using solar but what I noticed was that they were not using air condition despite the fact that they have about three air condition in the house. Your write up really give me an insight on solar energy which I never had. Thanks for the good job.

@celebritypoet, nice choice of username. Yeah, they just want longer backup time based on the number of batteries they have. Thank you.

@vheobong, chilling? I think you earned that :D

The bot's message got me chilling