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RE: Carbon Sequestration : Our Knight In The War Against Global Warming

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Wow, I couldn't actually take my eyes of this till I was done reading it. I really like your writing style. So extemporaneous, I've always liked it. You and @sogless deserve some accolades😀

To the major issue, I personally see going green in our major activities as a solution. When cars are electric and do not burn fuel, and we do not use those generators no more (I pass my neighbor) then less CO2 emissions.

Then again, I've witnessed some tech advanced machine, I think incinerator or something, I'll ask again being used at the Nigeria branch office of Jehovah's witnesses, where the exhaust from the large printing machines are converted somehow, and the heat is reused for boiling and ironing and others. If Such is implemented in industries, I believe we will be on our way towards a clean atmosphere. Thanks. I rest my case🤐🤐


Yea. I share the same thoughts on that.
If we can have this emmissions channeled somewhere if can find better use.
We can have a clean environment

The fact that you put me and @sogless in the same sentence about writing quality is the best compliment I've gotten this year. Thanks for that.

Also, thanks for your contribution.