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RE: Carbon Sequestration : Our Knight In The War Against Global Warming

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Please where is the clap emoji? Nice post, very explicit. However, I think avoiding the release of CO2 is the best way to go because if any of these methods are adapted, we can't have a permanent solution, they all promise to store, keep and hide the CO2 somewhere for certain number of years, what happens, say in a thousand tears when the ''storage system'' e.g rocks fail? Will keeping them in the ocean not affecgt acquatic life? Are we not just trying to avoid the repercursions of our actions only to create problems for generations unborn?


Emoji abi? I have been saying it since, Steemit needs to allow the use of emoticons. ☺ ☺

yes, we have to stop releasing carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. You are right, but the problem is that we don't have alternatives, Though electric cars are coming in, we need more innovations like that.

Thanks for your beautiful comment.

You welcome. I'm writing about an interesting idea and will post it soon. Its anoda source of electricity generation and it seems like a self sufficient system, can be very useful if developed. I hope u read it.

Of course I will, thanks for stopping by.

You welcome