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RE: Carbon Sequestration : Our Knight In The War Against Global Warming

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Probably the first chemistry related topic I didn't have to rack my head to understand the terms. So explicit and simple.

CO2 is definitely one of the great contributors to our depleting ozone layer....I so much love this method of Carbon Sequestration - feasible but costly.

The Rock Embedding definitely may be a great risk as mentioned because we may even make matter worse after successfully removing the gas from the atm by exposing a large quantity of it when it leaks from the rock..

Even with this, local guys still need sensitization as the Carbon sequestration can't be a possibility for all.

Thanks for this educative post once again.

I still can't pronounce "Sequestration"


The amount of carbon dioxide you and I release to the atmosphere is nothing compared to companies like Lafarge, so if we can curb theirs I think we are still good.
Thanks for the nice words.
We both need English lessons.

Truly said though. They are giant contributors as compared to us.

LOL. Pay for our enrollment

Enrol kini? Thank God I don't know what that means.

Turns out you need it more