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RE: Radio Waves : The Cold War between AM and FM broadcasting

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When I say AM and FM, I'm sure you know I don't mean ante meridian and football manager respectively.

Rofl! This is a good one. I will definitely reuse it.

Are AM radios popular in Nigeria? It seems that yes from your post. In France, most the good stuff is on the FM bandwidth. I have actually never tried the AM one even if I could access it. I admit that Nigeria is much larger, but not that larger than France, isn't it?


When I was younger, I listen to BBC Radio for live commentary on arsenal matches, live from the UK. That was possible because of the AM. AM allows listening to other countries, I even listen to some French music from time to via the AM. For me the best stuffs are on AM due to larger coverage.

France is approximately 643,801 sq km, while Nigeria is approximately 923,768 sq km. Meanwhile, the population of France is ~67 million people (119 million more people live in Nigeria).

It's nice have you in my country. Thanks for stopping by.

I have no plan to visit Nigeria in a close future. Namibia and South Africa are my next stops in Africa (I will blog about this soon or later as this is connected to the development of particle physics in Africa). I also turned down an invitation to Egypt. I cannot go everywhere all the time ;)

Nigerian are probably the most intelligent people in Africa, I don't know why you would not want to come over and work with the best minds. ☺ ☺

Have you been to Africa before?

In my first comment, I meant to say "it's nice to have you in my comments "

I have been to South Africa in 2016, as particle physics is well developed there (and they organize some major events once in a while) . This consists of my only trip to Africa for now.

I hope you enjoyed your stay in Africa.

I'm glad you did. ☺