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RE: Why Ammonia and Bleach should not be mixed

in #stemng3 years ago

Well written but what in the world could lead me into wanting to mix ammonia and bleach? Ammonia is not a household product so the chances of mixing the two is rare. I am not a chemistry specialist, perhaps there could be a reason for ammonia and bleach to be mixed in the lab.

Is the post all about precautions to observe in the lab or I'm missing something?


This post can serve as precaution in the Laboratory as well as in the house. Do you know that there are some household cleaning products that contain ammonia?. The only way to differentiate the one that contains bleach and the one that contains ammonia is to look at their label so that you won't go and mix them together. Besides, urine contains ammonia and if it mistakenly get in contact with a bleach in the house there will be formation of chloramine gas which is very dangerous for human health as explained above. Thanks for ur comment @gentlesaid

Ok. That's awesome. Emphasis should have been placed on household products anyway. Well done

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