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RE: Demystifying Going Green

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There is also an option of purchasing only the deep cycle batteries and the inverter system and you could charge the batteries with the public power supply. 4 good hours of charge of the batteries could power the light bulbs and fans through the night. This would suffice until one has money for the solar panels.


Yes, you can decide to charge the batteries only with electricity from either public power supply or generator. Or to run a hybrid system (solar and electric supply).

Good option. But it can only be obtainable in areas where electricity is available but not stable. Majority of my time in the university, I could count how many times we had power in a month. So it would become practically useless. Except you buy a generator to charge the battery.

@real2josh, that's correct. You'd need a fairly supply of electricity to ignore solar. But if you live in areas that have less than 24 hours of electricity in a week, it'd be best you go the solar energy way.

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