Batman, Superman are they heroes or just psychologically damaged? [the superhero syndrome]

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our heros or villians?

Flying in their capes moving at the speed of light and fighting the so bad or dangerous guys, don’t you just love them? Or perhaps have you ever wondered what drives them to do this?

I don’t know if anyone reading this has seen this has seen the popular tv series called instinct? Well, not so popular as the almighty GOT but it is popular in its own way and amidst its own fans. The series is still in its first season and it’s a very interesting one although not as popular as the almighty game of thrones. Well, the movie is about a former central intelligence agent who became a New York police department consultant. That’s not all, he is a professor of human behavior with a nickname professor psychopath and has several degrees while working with a partner.

There was this particular episode where a body (Mr. A) was found in a park, although the murder weapon was missing but the detective was able to pinpoint the murder weapon which was an arrow. The arrow was removed while Mr. A was allowed to bleed to death. Mr. A the dead man was a divorced man with a new fiancé and an angel investor to his ex-wife’s new husband Mr. B. unluckily at the time of death Mr. A was about to withdraw his investments into the eatery business of Mr. B due to certain reasons which was best known to both parties.

Although all the parties involved were not happy somebody felt that was not good enough and he was only being wicked to Mr. B and decided to kill him. the first suspect was the eatery’s chef who was a young lady who knew about the whole arrangement she had rage issues and was the main suspect alongside Mr. B and his wife. But sooner the chef threatened to leave Mr. B and after a while, she was also found dead.

Which left the detectives with a mountain to climb as to pointing out who could have committed two murders in such a short period. To cut the story short the murderer in this episode happened to be an adopted daughter of Mr. B she works at a farm and he happened to have saved her from a lot of trouble many years ago. When she was questioned, the detectives were told she felt Mr. B was being threatened by these people she had killed she almost killed his wife because they got into an argument. Well, as crazy as this sounded Mr. psychopath was able to discover the killer because he knew of something called the white knight syndrome.

This sounded strange as I have never heard of such thought it was all fiction till I ended up doing my own research.

The white knight of a thing

I guess everyone loves a superhero, right?
But what if you were in love with one? Would that not be so cool? You would be exclusive with such person and even when you are in danger or you get into a bar fight you would just smile since your superhero boyfriend has your back.

But let me ask you in this fantasy world of yours, what if you do not know about this superhero boyfriend?

Probably he has never talked to you before but goes about taking up your fights would you still call him a superhero or a freak or even a stalker? Even though he is taking up your fights or even prevented you from taking the beating of your life.

Such can be said of somebody with the white knight, white knights are people who feel they are always doing the right thing for someone even though the decisions they make at that point might be wrong but they still would not care or hesitate to take such decision on behalf of who they are trying to protect.

Just like the girl in that episode of instinct who murdered because she felt her helper was in trouble because his investor wanted to pull out of his business, she also murdered his chef because she wanted to leave which she felt was a problem to the man.

So, it means they do not think deeply when they make decisions which makes them as damaging as anything else. They always feel the need to protect someone who they feel is damaged or needs protection.

Are you a white knight?

Looking and comparing what these things are or what it means to be a white night, one could easily point toward himself as a parent or a protective sister or brother as a white knight. But this is not the case if you find yourself going through an extraordinary mile or do things you cannot afford to do on a normal day just because you feel you owe such person. Then you are a white knight and should consider looking at yourself. But all the same, one cannot easily determine what kind of person he/she is without having one to study him or her.

Let’s talk about our superheroes

Many of us are either a dc fan or Marvel fan and we love one superhero or the other. Well, I can say of many kids in Nigeria who loved heroes and as kids, we would always watch cartoons and wait for Superman or Batman to come up or even justice league. Before many of us decided to watch the movie that came about the cartoons.

The case of Superman was from another fictional planet (Krypton) getting to earth became powerful to do some awesome kinds of stuff that no man here on earth can do. Well, he is a man after all as he fell in love with a reporter and he keeps saving the city.

But can we say he was a white knight? From his story, his parents died on his planet and he had a tragic background and the likes before he was welcomed to earth by the Kent family who took care of him. I could easily call him a white knight and someone else would not see him as that because he saw us as weak and insecure being with him more superior than us, therefore, he took our battles and struggles upon himself to save us all even when we don’t need saving. Superman fans please forgive me

What about the batman?

This man I would say is the craziest of the two I have picked up to see today, from the series got ham batman is a damaged boy or man with so much anger in him. he also has a sad storyline of how his parents were killed right in front of him when they were hanging out together.

Fueled by rage the young man vowed nobody should go through what he had done and instead of him doing the right thing by going through the law, the billionaire boy became a vigilante and would even get hurt in the process of trying to protect people he had no business with.

Well, the world is full of bad people but we should not because of that take up the responsibility to protect everyone just because we feel they are not strong enough or are damaged. Our superheroes feel otherwise and need to do the same for us although they are just fictional characters it’s something we find ourselves watching.
These superheroes have always tried to be the saviors of mankind with their strong belief that without them in the movie we would probably be dead or extinct. Lol maybe they are just affected by the white knight syndrome?

In summary

The white knight syndrome, to many, may not seem to be a problem but it could be disastrous in the long run just like the girl in the movie or in real life so when noticed such person needs to see a psychologist to set things straight.

It could be fun as you always have one to back your opinions every time support everything you do and even protect you in a bar fight. Because they feel they need to or because they think you need it due to your insecurities or maybe shortcomings that had happened earlier. As I said earlier it could easily be confused with love and affection but don’t get me wrong the white knight syndrome is real.


For further reading or more knowledge about the white knight or hero syndrome read here

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Getting to know about this white Knight Syndrome for the Very first time and I just like the way you explained it

But on a lighter note: Who do you think would WIN if Batman & Superman fight

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