STEMGeeks is moving to Hive!

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Starting tomorrow morning, STEMGeeks will begin the full transition to Hive. There will be a snapshot of all STEM & STEMM token balances at an undisclosed time tomorrow morning and an equal balance will be airdropped to Hive-Engine.

Once the migration is complete, I will put out an announcement on @stemgeeks.

What you need to know

  • The migration will start tomorrow 04/15/2020 morning in the AM.

  • All balances for STEM & STEMM will be copied to Hive-Engine.

  • Any open market orders will be copied as unstaked tokens on Hive-Engine.

  • All future transactions and distribution will happen on Hive-Engine.

  • Posts on Steem will no longer be indexed by STEMGeeks. Only posts on the Hive blockchain will be eligible for STEM tokens.

  • You will still be able to post on or Hive using the appropriate tags.

STEMGeeks Tags

The following tags are all valid for STEMGeeks. I recommend using the most specific one to what you are posting.

  • STEM
  • MATH

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