New Steem-Engine Details announced

in #stemgeeks8 months ago

The details on how to migrate from Steem-Engine have been announced.

There is no migration path and you have to completely start over by paying all the existing fees with a new ENG token called BEE that will be pegged to Hive. This will cost the typical tribe around 4000-5000 BEE. BEE would currently be around 26 cents where ENG is currently around 1.5 cents.

Considering these fees were all paid in the past, and the ENG token dropped like 98% it makes it impractical for most tribes to migrate.

I am still considering what to do with STEMGeeks, but I am not happy with the options.

I will post an update when I know more, but right now nothing official has been announced although the details are known.

As for now, STEMGeeks will continue to run on Steem & Steem-Engine until further notice.


I believe in Stemgeeks coin and i have staked almost 1000, so please let me know if something wrong will happen....