Custom Badges

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Want your own custom badge like Science Fan?

There are two ways to get your own badge.

The easy way

  • Send 100 STEM to null with the memo Badge Burn
  • Join our Discord
  • Leave a message in #badge-help with your transaction ID and your preferred badge text

You will see a thumbs up under your message when it has been taken care of and deployed. It may take a day or two, if you don't get a response by then, just ping me in the channel and I will attend to it.

The hard way

This way is the hard way as there will be a very limited amount distributed this way and you will be competing with others.

I plan on offering some vanity badges as contest rewards. I do not know when or how often. Just keep an eye out on the @stemgeeks & @themarkymark accounts for any news.

If you want to hold your own contest for vanity badges or STEM tokens, you can burn on someone else's behalf, just give me a heads up who needs the badge.

The other way

There is a secret third way to earn a custom badge, but I won't tell you how.

Ok, I'll tell you. I am actively curating the STEMGeeks community both positive and negative, as if I discover users who repeatedly create fantastic STEM content, I may contact you and reward you with a custom badge.

On another note

We desperately need good STEM-related content so STEM stakeholders have good content to reward. If you know people who may be good at this, contact them and let them know that on STEMGeeks good content gets rewarded very well and bad content gets almost nothing. This means our tokens are being distributed to the right people, and STEM has far fewer tokens created than most tribes with only 840,000 created a year, compared to as much as 5M+ in some tribes.



Tempted but I don't really post or comment enough on this account.

I need to think of a good one for myself.

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