Bring someone posting good STEM content to STEMGeeks and get 500 STEM!

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Want to make 500 STEM?

Find someone publishing quality content about Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math and get them to make a post on StemGeeks.

If they need help getting an account I will be happy to help. Hit me up on Discord.

If you find someone you think will be a good fit and you need help, hit us up in the #onboarding channel.

If you successfully onboard a new user, I will also give you a custom badge showing off your elite onboarding skills.

Some ideas of places to look, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, and personal blogs. Keep in mind many social media platforms don't allow shilling third party sites in the comment section. They are a good place to find authors who own their own blogs and are passionate about their niche.

STEMGeeks is looking at good onboarding opportunities to bring in related communities.

One good way to get people interested is to share good STEMGeek's content on Reddit and Twitter using the domain.


Great job on this impetus to find new content creators for the #stemgeeks Tribe. Very grateful for this Tribe as I am learning a great many new things! I am still working on trying to onboard Scott Flansburg also known as the Human Calculator.

Maybe if all of us that are active on #stemgeeks might want to get together and leave comments on his social media sites inviting him to this Tribe? Worth a try, no?

Scott Flansburg's Social Media Sites

facebook.png instagram.png twitter.png youtube.png
Icons Above Are Sourced From Vecteezy and modified by @sgt-dan Using GIMP

Click The Images Above To Visit Scott's Social Media Sites!

Pretty sure that guy already uses #STEM tag.

Looking for people who are not on Steem already.

Ok sr, but it is outside People, well.

Looking for people not already using Steem

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