200,000 STEM & 5,000 STEM Miners burned

in #stemgeekslast year (edited)

We just burned 200,000 STEM tokens from the sell wall before putting it back up.

We have currently burned 580,000 STEM tokens from the sell wall.

We have also been burning all curation and author rewards from the STEMGeeks team. I have noticed some users burning STEM tokens to promote their posts.

Don't forget, we have both https://stemgeeks.net and SteemPeak interfaces. Both interfaces support promotion through burning STEM tokens.

We also burned 5,000 STEM Miners (STEMM) tokens drastically reducing the supply of STEM Miners.


It is wonderful to see this. I have some STEM that I acquired and sat on. It is good to know you are looking at for the token.

I will have to stake it all and start curating the @stemgeeks site. It looks like this could be another site that excels in its niche simply because the community is concerned about the project going forward.

How many STEMM (miners) are you hoping to be on the field in the end?

no real preference, really up to the community.
I have been reducing the supply over time and it is limited how many are on sale at any given time.

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