STEMBot - Voting bot that burns STEM tokens

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Announcing @stembot, a voting bot that accepts STEM tokens. @stembot has only Steem Power and no STEM Power. You will receive a vote with Steem Power equivalent to up to 20% more than the STEM you submit.

All STEM tokens for accepted bids will be burned daily. This will reduce the supply of STEM tokens proving a sink for STEM tokens and reduce inflation.

Any errors submitting bids will result in an automated refund of your STEM tokens. If you have a problem, contact us on Discord and use the #stembot-help channel.

The bot uses the Global Blacklist API, so if you are on a blacklist, your bids will be ignored. If you feel this was done in error, contact us on Discord and use the #stembot-help channel.

You can find details on the bot and its current voting status on website. You may need to adjust your filters as it might fall below the minimum value to display by default. The bot currently has 40K SP and will be increased if there is a demand.

The bot currently accepts around 30 STEM tokens at the current price per round. The bot will automatically calculate your vote based on the current price of the STEM token. This will adjust automatically to the price of STEM and the Steem Power on the account.

Need STEM tokens?

You can buy STEM tokens on the Steem-Engine market.

You can delegate to @stembot and will receive STEM tokens. The bot is set to share 100% of the revenue generated.

You can buy STEMM Miner Tokens and stake them and earn passive STEM tokens. You can find more information about the miners here.


Want to see bot that burns steem tokens and reducing total supply.

It would need to be a ton of tokens to make any remote difference.

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Hello @stemgeeks. Who write Stem content should buy votes to @stembot? Is not it a support for evaluation and recognition of stem contents as Steemstem performs?

I ask because I am a crador of stem content and I am interested in clarifying this doubt.

I really appreciate your reason, as I had understood that it would work as Steemstem (Stem-Spanish) that provide support without payment of votes.

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This seems like a good idea. I'm going to watch it for a little while and then consider buying some tokens so I can curate great STEM stuff.

Then I need to get myself some STEM. Wish I had SP to delegate

Dear STEM Geek! I am writing this comment to inform you that the leader of our tribe, @themarkymark, has unfairly banned me from the discord server of our tribe. Show him we are a decentralized community and that such acts of tyranny will not be accepted in the STEM tribe! Tell him to let me in again!

Thank you!

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