Announced STEMGeeks, a new Steem Engine Tribe!

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STEMGeeks is a Steem community focused on STEM content.

What is STEMGeeks?

STEMGeeks is a community focused on STEM topics rewarding engagement with STEM tokens. STEMGeeks is powered by the Steem blockchain with it's own distribution model for STEM tokens in addition to the potential STEEM tokens.

What is a Tribe?

@aggroed's post is probably the best place to learn what a tribe is.

A tribe is a Steem community around a SMT-like token with it's own distribution model. Think of it as if SMT & Communities were available today.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and includes a wide range of science and technology topics.

When should I use the #STEM tag?

Primarily for posts that focus on science, facts, and reason backed by data or solid hypotheses about the world around us. At its core, this is a community to facilitate the means of developing skills that explore scientific decisions, critical thinking about evidence and facts.

  • Science
  • Space Exploration
  • Gadgets
  • Technology Innovations
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Programming & Development
  • Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Maker (i.e. Raspberry Pi & Arduino)
  • 3D Printing
  • Mobile Phone Technology
  • Medical Advances
  • Robotics

The main idea of STEMGeeks is to provide technology & science-focused community with a niche wide enough you could live here but not wide enough to see $100 cat photos.

STEM Airdrop

The token is STEM listed on the Steem Engine market.

We are airdropping around 500,000 STEM tokens to the Steem community. There were a few decisions on how to do the airdrop but it primarily comes down to staked PAL tokens and SteemSTEM members as most clever ideas yielded poor results.

330,625 tokens will be airdropped, this will reach 1,710 users.

We will do an additional airdrop to STEEMSTEM team members, curators, and recent curated content. This accounts for 15,500 additional STEM tokens.

The remaining 153,874 airdrop STEM tokens will be airdropped on a case by case basis.

Initial Supply

The initial supply of STEM will be 10M tokens.

  • Air Drop: 500,000 STEM
  • Anti-Abuse: 1,000,000 STEM
  • STEM Team: 2,000,000 STEM
  • Community Bounties: 4,000,000 STEM
  • Sell Wall: 2,500,000 STEM

Initially, we are airdropping up to 500 STEM tokens to most users with at least 10 Pal tokens staked. We are reserving the rest of the initial 500,000 STEM to handle one-off cases and individual airdrops up to the 500 STEM limit.

1,000,000 STEM has been issued to the account @nostem4u for abuse prevention. This was immediately powered up and will never be sold on the market or OTC. If for any reason this stake is no longer needed, it will be burned.

The STEM team has a pool of 2,000,000 STEM tokens. Some of this will be staked and used for curation on the @stemcuration account.

STEM token will be issued to @stembounties account and used for contest rewards, engagement incentives, and prizes. There will be many opportunities to earn STEM tokens through contests and engagement. The initial bounty supply will be used over the first five years or more.

We will add a 2,500,000 STEM sell wall at 2 Steem.

There are no plans to manually issue any STEM tokens outside of the 10,000,000 initial supply.

All other STEM tokens will be created from two inflation pools.

  • Proof of Brain: 80%
  • Mining: 20%

The calculated inflation rate is initially 8.41% which will be around 840,690 STEM tokens in the first year and dropping 3% each year until it hits around 2%.

In the first year around 672,000 STEM tokens (80%) will be rewarded from the reward pool for authors and curators. Around 168,000 STEM tokens (20%) will be rewarded to users who have staked STEMM miner tokens.

Creating content for the STEMGeeks community.

You can use our front end interface to post to the STEMGeeks community or you can use any interface you like and use the STEM tag.

Any content using the STEM tag has the potential to earn STEM token rewards.

Full Steempeak integration will be available shortly. Follow @stemgeeks for updates.


Like Steem, you need to stake your STEM tokens to influence the reward pool distribution and earn curation rewards.

Unstaking takes 30 days over 5 transactions.

Some bounty rewards will be only available to users with STEM tokens staked.


We will respond to abuse swift and firmly. We have powered up a nuclear option on the account @nostem4u with 1,000,000 STEM. This account will never upvote and will only be used in extreme cases.

@nostem4u will be used to remove STEM rewards from content that is improperly tags, plagarism, and personal harassment that gets to the point it is impacting the community. We have a zero tolerance for these activities and our response will be firm and swift.

We have no plans on using this account outside of these situations and ideally the account will remain idle 99.99% of the time.

If for whatever reason this account is powered down and the stake will not be used in an anti-abuse scenario, we will burn the stake.

It will never be sold on or off the market and is only used for preventing abuse.


The STEMGeeks community has a mining pool that will account for 20% of the inflation. STEM Miner tokens STEMM are available on the Steem-Engine market that represents virtual miners.

There are 20 mining slots per hour. Every staked miner has an equal opportunity to win the tokens in that slot. For the first year mining rewards will be 19.2 STEM per hour.

STEM Miners will be sold for 10 Steem and will increase regularly during the first 30 days and settle at 30 Steem.

Like the STEM token, STEM Miners take 30 days to unstake over 5 transactions.

You need to stake your STEMM tokens to be eligible for mining rewards.

Reward Pool

The reward pool will mint around 840,000 STEM tokens in the first year. Rewards will be distributed 50% to authors and 50% to curators with a slightly superlinear curve.

Payouts will be similar to Steem and will happen after 7 days.

Users have the ability to use one full 100% downvote daily without impacting their ability to upvote content.

STEMGeek official accounts

STEMGeeks Team

STEMGeeks is a community-run and founded by @themarkymark. As of right now, there are no other team members.

Discord Server

Join our Discord Server

I make no promises STEM or STEMM will be worth anything now or in the future. The price is up to what that market believes it is worth.


Lol really "STEM" tokens ? You couldn't find anything closer to STEEM to make it more confusing ?

Could have gone with STEEMIT I guess.

So why not STEG ? or STGEEK or STEMGEEK ? It's stemgeeks not stem. You're harmful to the community by adding confusion to an already confusing space.

(that's why I downvoted you)

This guy @steemgeeks does not know what ajajajaja is talking. steemSTEM only focuses on science ?. If science encompasses all areas. It's a brute!.

Good for lowering the vote @howo

That was a big part of my decision.

To me, I'm more focused on Technology/Engineering but I wanted to allow a wider audience and STEM was a much better fit than "TECH".

That being said, I plan on doing more with SteemStem.

SteemSTEM of course supports content on technology and engineering, we have had good authors in this area, the difference is that SteemSTEM standards are different. The main idea as @lemouth says is to make possible the communication of science in Steem.

I'm a big fan of science, I just didn't want to focus on that. To be honest, I'm more of a technology person with a touch of Science, Engineering, and Math.

I'm pretty sure the vast majority of people know what STEM means.

I'm pretty sure the majority of the people will mix it up. Especially non native speakers.

Awesome, let a hundred flowers bloom. Thanks for the tokens, it was a surpise. I staked them and will check you out so often. STEM should be at the heart of movements like social media so people aren't so ignorant. All the best with your project.

What counts as steemSTEM team members? Do you include the honor members? They're actively helping the community but are neither curators, nor are they posting a lot.

I only counted the ones that were given to me personally from the SteemSTEM lead. I sent you a personal airdrop though.

Okay, thank you for the reply and the tokens. I heard @mathowl shared a link with active honor members somewhere. I'm surprised they weren't on the original list, but I understand that you can't give tokens to people you're not aware exist.

I was given a list of SteemSTEM Leads, PR, Curators.
I scanned the blockchain for anyone that was curated with a 65% or greater upvote in the last 3 months which represents better than average content and added them to the airdrop as well.

Some received double or triple airdrops if they were on multiple lists.

I got a list of the honorary members and have airdropped them personally.

Oh heck so if anyone wrote and got curated by SteemSTEM in the last three months they get airdropped tokens? Too bad for me then. 😅

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Yeah this is my mistake (for my defense, all of this happens very suddenly and I didn't have much time to think). Glad that this has been fixed.

Thank you for the STEM tokens, and also for promoting STEM and science here on the block-chain. I thought for a moment that I was going to be stuck having to endure eye-watering and brain melting pseudoscience and conspiracy theories that permeate the block-chain.

Not a moment too soon. :D

This project looks like it's going to take Steem to the moon, with a rocket!

You also have the SteemSTEM project for that, that was created 3years ago... ;)

True, but it's not as prominent as I'd like it to be and hopefully it will grow a lot more here.

Because we have high standards... You can check what we promote here: We prefer to support less people, but people who can make a difference and helps towards our goal: making science communication possible on Steem.

Thank you very much for the freemoney!

Hi, your discord server link leads to an expired link

Is trading technical analysis corresponding of your criteria to be part of content on this tribe?

There is part of math and analytic science for me but ok I will continue to focus on @steem.leo so

Yes, but how many TA posts you see are explaining the math and science behind it versus hi, this is what I feel about the trend, no financial advice, mmkay?

As I understand, this is not related to SteemSTEM?

Important to know.

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We are not related to SteemSTEM.

Maybe you both could collaborate or something.

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Ok, thanks.

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Very excited about what MarkyMark has put together here. These topics are huge.

And on top, you make StemStem Token and then maybe StemStemStem? This is getting dangerous, it's like hedging. If you create a Tribe, you might wanna have a unique Story or topic.

Congratz for the project! Bought few miners and feel confidence!


Hi good, I didn't get any STEMs when I had a little over 200 PALs in Stake.

Still finishing the airdrop, will check after it finishes.

Hello the discord link is expired. Can you post a permanent link. Also, I have few pal staked but i didnt receive any airdrop.

Same here. I wonder why palnet only getting airdrops. Steem holders getting nothing.

Thanks for answering. Regards!

I'm definitely too dumb to post to Stemgeeks, but it sounds promising. Definitely something I'll hold on to as a PAL stack holder.

Moved to the Hive platform.

Hi @steemgeeks, good to know about your tribe. I would love to contribute to this tribe as well. Please, I have a query..

I have 1298 staked tokens but it is delegated to my alt. It doesn't mean every new tribe missing me for the airdrop.

Please consider my airdrop if possible.

Would you consider who have delegated PAL token to other account? I think you have missed to take a snapshot of PAL token delegators. ;)

Every other tribe missing those who delegated. Its totally injustice

I have some PAL staked(>10 PAL Power) but I did not receive any airdrop?

Not all received a drop, but most did. Any that were missed are being handled on a case by case basis.

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

My very first drama!

I bought a few miners (5 I think), if my math is even close to right, they seem wildly unprofitable. I hope I'm bad at math but if I'm bad at math I might already be a bad fit for this community.

When I wrote this STEM was trading at 0.008 Steem. Apparently I should have just bought all those STEM because the price is jumping up now.

During airdrops there is increased downward sell pressure as most will flip them for the quick and easy money.

I scooped up a few of them. I had the same thought. Wait out the airdrop then profit!

Wow..... What is Project Building By StemSteem?

sounds really cool.

Thank You @themarkymark I am Grateful for The Token Drop..................

Joined :) welcome me 😂

Are hunts on steemhunt related to stem products included?

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Update: @Steemhunt posts are muted on STEMgeeks.

Good query @karamyog.....I hope so.

I'm sure the curation team and community will decide on a case-by-case basis.

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Play doesn’t work

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works on my end

Greetings @stemgeeks,

Thank you very much for the STEM tokens.

I do have a query for there a reason the number of tokens was 223, instead of the 500 listed above as I do have more than 10 Palnet tokens staked?

Thank you for your time.

All the best to your enterprise @themarkymark!


There was an algorithm performed that rewarded on a scale.

Thank you for the information.

All the best to your initiative.....sounds fantastic!



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Stemgeeks bookmark

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Science and Technology sounds very interesting @stemgeeks!

Good luck with your launch and thanks so much for the airdrop of tokens!

I will stake them!

I will contribute posts to this new STEMGeeks Community!👍

Upvoted and ReSteemed!

#palnet #steemleo #stem

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This could be interesting. We already have Steemstem but hopefully this only builds up the STEM community and is not seen only as a competitor.

This is not seen as a competitor and this won't change a thing for us. We will still pursue our project: science communication on Steem.

That's nice to hear, thank you for the reply.

Occasionally you can see that people make problems out of nowhere, so had to check :)

Many people indeed like creating dramas. I prefer to use my time differently ;)

This is amazing! Another Tribe... a science tribe! Wonders never cease!

This is amazing! Another Tribe... a science technology engineering mathematics tribe! Wonders never cease!

fixed that for you

@stemgeeks, Congratulations team and good wishes from my side towards your Tokenised Journey.

And definitely STEEMSTEM is established community on the Steem Blockchain and without any doubt this community have lot of potential to grow. And happy to get STEM TOKENS.

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I like this tribe, but I have a question. I write many texts on philosophy and social sciences. Can I use the tag?

I wish you good fortune in the wars to come champ! Good to have another tribe!

Thank you for the STEM token!

Interesting quest!
What makes StemGeeks the technology & science-focused community it claims to be?
What's different about it?
Sounds like an awesome idea : )

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Going to check that this week and already staked my tokens this morning.

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so it is stem now instead of steemstem when using? or both?

stemgeeks is indeed independent of steemstem.

both communities promote the same thing? science, math etc? so both tags can be used?

Sure. There is no need to make any choice. You should use #steemstem if you want to facilitate the life of our curators and #stem if you want to be considered by stemgeeks.

I want to be geek! Very interesting community.

Awesome stride. Any provision for promotion of STEM contents?

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That's the goal of this community is to promote and feature STEM-related content.

Is there any account that is meant to receive STEM for promotion of posts?

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You can send STEM tokens to @null with a URL in the memo field and it will burn the tokens (thus potentially increasing the value of STEM) and promote your post to other users.

Ouch there's a lot of things going on now. It's not just Steem we're talking abt, now there's all sorts of tokens. 😅 Busy people can't keep up. 😅

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I think the idea is great but we already have a Stem community, if this is no cooperation...then how far will there be cooperation? Let's be clear a tag does not make an article scientific or good researched. Communities like steemStem need authors. So will it be possible to use both tags and how will this affect the curation? (@lemouth, @stemgeeks)

If your really scientific you should both know that community splits harm a network. If you end up with two small subnetworks you have possibly quartered the value of the current STEM community on Steem. We are at a vulnerable state where we need union more than ever. Tribes are great if you are a hundred million MAU network, Steemit so far has about 3000 daily active users and 17k MAU, let's keep them a community.

SteemStem almost completely science-focused, we are not.

I am in discussions with SteemSTEM though as I see their contributions valuable and don't see them as competition or "us or them".

This is not a community split, it's empowering a subset of the larger community much like how communities are planned by Steemit Inc.

/r/science on Reddit doesn't harm Reddit but empowers users who want to talk about science without having to see what you had for lunch yesterday.

As I already said elsewhere, concerning SteemSTEM curation and goals, nothing will change. I do not see why we should talk about community splitting and things like that. This makes no sense to me. There is no rule asking people to chose. At least not that I know.

I agree 100%, I see no reason why this is "us or them" mentality. There will be overlap, but I hope both thrive and benefit from more attention and if we are lucky more new faces.

From what I hear is there will be a collaboration between both communities.

Do you believe? I do not know, but I think that if there was a collaboration between the two I would not be writing idiots about steemSTEM focusing more on science than on technology. So what does the "T" stand for? and what does the word science encompass?

but steemSTEM will not make these mistakes when saying this kind of thing. :D

It is fairly common for people to associate STEM with mostly Science and ignore the other elements. I personally am more T focused but I all four interest me.

You know who you remind me of, Justineh?

Thank you I'm honored.

As long as your content meets the standards of steemSTEM it could be well seen by curators, regardless of the label you use @lauch3d

ok thx (@steemitqa). @carloserp-2000 wouldn't this be for both highly ineffective? It's like when you write an article, use a bid-bot first and then afterwards let steemSTEM curate, this decreases their curation rewards. One of them will always come last. And if you check the articles for sources and correctness, it takes some time.

We do not care much about curation rewards... What matters is what we promote and to support the authors.

totally agree with what @lemouth just said. This will change nothing, SteemSTEM will continue working as it has been doing for a long time, with great authors in different languages, always promoting science in STEEM

I hope you are right. It was never the intention to disrupt SteemSTEM. I just wanted a broader audience.

I thought we already had @steemstem and is this a collaboration or will we get some !DRAMA and popcorn! here?!

STEMGeeks is a community-run and founded by @themarkymark. As of right now, there are no other team members.


P.S.: the discord invite in the OP says: invalid!

SteemSTEM is independent of the STEMGeeks project. In fact, this new token does not change anything with respect to what we do and have always done on Steem.

Therefore, there won't be any drama (at least not from the SteemSTEM team side). Sorry for disappointing you :D

fixed the Discord link, thanks. ?!

          ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯

Not sure what is going on with discord today, but it keeps expiring the invites.

Ooooh , Science and Technology sounds pretty interesting indeed @themarkymark , @stemgeeks ! Best of luck with your launch and thanks so much for the airdrop of 188.32 which I have all ready Staked on Steem-Engine along with my Other 6 or 7 ScotBot Tribes that I am active on!! Looking forward to contributing in some way on this new STEMGeeks Community! 🚀😎👍 #palnet #steemleo

I hope kids 👦 can also post articles about science?

Seems like I have zero stake.

Haha, thanks!😂🤣👍

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This is so cool. I work in the tech industry and have been looking forward to improved STEM content on Steem.

kPOP POP POP FLAG complements @daburninsanders101!
Waiting 4 something to flag?
kpop??? where u at?
-- @princesspopper101

It sounds like another scam to me! omg!

so you basically gave yourself 2 mil tokens?
And why are you talking about "us" and "we" if there is not one else on the "team"
(a team is also usually more then 1 person...)

There are good plans and the subject is also popular but its indeed confusing since the @steemstem was already there.
Any comments on what will be done with the Steem that is gained by selling the tokens? Is this just for you or will it also be used to fund onboarding, curation, community and so on?

It is standard to reserve a portion for the team. Right now it is just @themarkymark but that may change down the road.

@steemstem as far I can see is more focused on Science, the idea I had was to support the entire breadth of STEM and have a place to talk about Technology as much as Science. Where talking about computer building, Raspberry Pi hacking, development all fits equally. I wanted a fairly wide niche but not a general-purpose community like Pal/Neoxian.

As for what will be done, I haven't gotten that far. I have no idea if there will be much sold at all. If there is, I will start thinking that far. As far as onboarding, my initial thought is I don't even need because @steempeak is so much better, but I felt it would be used by experienced users and having a dedicated is a much better vehicle for onboarding. So it is something I am thinking about.

@steemstem as far I can see is more focused on Science, the idea I had was to support the entire breadth of STEM and have a place to talk about Technology as much as Science. Where talking about computer building, Raspberry Pi hacking, development all fits equally. I wanted a fairly wide niche but not a general-purpose community like Pal/Neoxian.

This is incorrect. We curate all STEM tags, but the miche of authors in each of them is different, varies over time and we have our standards. If the standards are not met, no support :)

From what I see, @steemstem is more focused on science, the idea I had was to support the full scope of STEM and have a place to talk about technology as much as science.

Do you know what STEM means? How can you say that steemSTEM only focuses on science and not technology? hahahaha you do not even know what you say! LOL

He said their focus, not what STEM means.

STEM is a big and very popular topic, encompassing many different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics... pretty sure more than one group focusing on it, and attracting the audience for it, is a good thing.

Imagine if we could create a place where schools teaching STEM could use? That’s pretty special.

SteemStem has lots of support and I don’t think they are going anywhere 😉 Maybe different standards and attracting more of the STEM community could be beneficial.

Do you think that this SteemSTEM will not go anywhere? :P LOL @justineh. Do you think that this system will not go anywhere? : P, I think you do not have the slightest idea of what the SteemSTEM project has been doing for 3 years. The reason that our standards are high, is because we do not want to fill the block chain with trash and create a serious place where all people can have fun talking and writing about science. ;)

STEM is not just “Science” btw, you guys keep saying that and you are missing 3 other very important aspects to the initiative. So if SteemStem focuses on Science, awesome.. looks like this StemGeeks project is focusing on ALL aspects of the STEM initiative.

Hi @justineh. Just to clarify (once again, but I think it is necessary to make things clear). We do not solely focus on science, but on all STEM fields. All.

What we actually support depends on several aspects:

  • The niche of authors we have and what they write on. For now, our authors mainly focus on science, this is a fact, but this has not always been the case. This varies with time.
  • We have high standards in terms of curation: we really encourage novelty and communication by scientists and engineers. While we support the rewriting of stuff you can find elsewhere, this support is mild. Moreover, we want posts to be correctly referenced, no usage of copyrighted images. This explains why we do not vote much posts from the 'T' side at the moment. I have checked that yesterday with one of our curators: this category contains mostly plagiarism and rewriting.

Our goal is really to bring STEM people (working on STEM) to communicate on Steem about what they do. This is different than bringing people who like STEM and may repeat what they find elsewhere on Steem.

IMO, the SteemSTEM goal can bring value to Steem. This goal is on the long term side, in particular as we need a product to attract them. And for now we do not have such a product. We are lacking a dev to design it as fast as it should.

Now saying that we are not going anywhere is very rude and not really constructive. Do you mind clarifying? Also, we are happy to listen to people who can help us. But again, saying "we are not going anywhere" is not very helpful... I can really feel some bad sentiments against us in your answer, and I would like to understand why. Have we done something that hurt you?

Finally, mentioning that we have a lot of support is probably very misleading. We have some support, this is true. But this is by far not what could be called a lot. This support for instance does not allow us to hire a dev, which is what we need most at the moment. Therefore, we do things ourselves. But this is slow.

Imagine if we could create a place where schools teaching STEM could use? That’s pretty special.

That is an interesting thing and maybe @mobbs may want to comment this on. On my side, I ask you: what could this place be? Please tell me why, as a STEM teacher, I should come to Steem? I believe that if STEM workers are around, this could make the difference (wrt all other existing options).

This being said, I am currently developing a curation tool for SteemSTEM that will have to focus and find community members more easily (especially as @themarkymark trigs something in me). But this will take some time (most probably a coupel of weeks). As I said, I am not a dev and only become one because we had no one to play that role.

PS: It is a long text and I apologize for that. This is also probably a discussion to have face to face (i.e. through a chat). Feel free to drop me a message if you want to continue discussing. We are sharing many common servers ;)

Science encompasses a very broad group from physics, chemistry, mathematics, to social sciences and education

many areas, not just the pure sciences

Are you just repeating what people say in question form and then adding “LOL”? 🤔

because it makes me laugh what you say :D

Oh i see, you are editing after and a part of SteemStem so you see this project as a threat.

Pretty sure SteemStem didn’t invent the STEM idea and different projects are always great.

I’m very aware of what SteemStem has been doing the last three years and am excited for this new project to the Steem ecosystem.

and I ask you again the question: do you think SteemSTEM will not go anywhere?

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