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Hello Steemians,

I've been following the updates of companies like Boston dynamics and Hanson robotics (see Sophia

I dont know if you are up to date with the evolution that has been made so far... So i leave you with two videos of the work being done by Boston dynamics:


Having this said (or shown), robots are getting there, to that point that we saw in movies from the last 20 to 30 years.
I am sure that this will be part of our daily lifes, either by working with them on construction, healthcare, transportation but also on the military area. This is the one that frighten's me most.

I have no problem with robots doing work or helping us out, but when it comes to make decisions that may or may not affect your security, integrity or your life my opinion is a little bit different.
Do you have doubts that government and corporations will use this in the future instead of having police officers , inspectors, etc???

We should imagine a future where all of this will be real, and start thinking of what will happen then...

IA is out there on many known and widely used platforms aswell...

Hope it makes you think about this..




Thats crazy robots are gona rule the world

I am sure that won't happen...(or it will?ahah)
What i am trying to say is that people should start thinking of how things are being done in the present and how things will be done in the future.
We have so much emerging technologies going on right now like 3D Printing, that will disrupt the structure that we are used to.