Logic is the key

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Today there are many programming languages to choose from, some general purpose and others tailored for specific applications. But as Eric Girouard writes in “The one programming language to rule them all”, central to every language is logic. He uses a simple illustration of providing instructions for making an ice cream sundae to make his point clear.

I learned long ago that once you understand how to program (the logic of it), learning another programming language is simply learning its syntax. If we teach basic logical thought early, the rest of STEM will be much easier to learn!



One question. Can we programme what a tuning fork can do?

Certainly! We can ‘program’ its frequency when it’s made and we can program when it stops ringing by when it is ‘grounded’ or touched to an object to dampen its vibrations. Or we can create an electric tone generator that emits whatever audio frequency we want under software control.

It all depends on what you mean by ‘program’. It’s only logical ;)

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True, music is quite technical with an inherent logic to it now I come to think of it. Some even say the Logos is the inventor of all the music that can be made - if there is any of your kind of logic to the Logos!

I was just a bit concerned about the computer's taste in pitch. I marvel at the variation in tuning the piano tuner can apply to accommodate the venue or the weather or perhaps whatever mood he is in. I suppose it never rains in the computer though!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question so succinctly (that's always the hard part when you start googling).

Tickled by your intellect (what a breath of fresh air, I must say), I am curious now whether your creative side would grant me the delight in hearing if you think there might be any limitations to what can be programmed we otherwise rely on our senses for?

Thank you for your comments! You pose an interesting question which I see as an interesting challenge :). Allow me some time to consider this and I will create a new post with my musings (naming you as the inspiration for the post).

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Super! Look forward to that (since I am following you). Oh, but I don't need the mention!

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