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Dear Stellite Community,

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who helped us with hash power and testing during the hard fork.

Here is the feedback about the incident and what has been done over the last few days. We have successfully forked to Zawy's difficulty algorithm which is a good improvement for the chain's stability resulting in better distribution of mined coins. This in itself was a massive task (choosing the algorithm, code modifications, testing, etc...) and we are happy to see it on main-net as it was a pressing need from the whole community. For us, it was a necessary conversion to keep the coin safe as well as to attract new miners hence progressing the project. Then we had an issue with the blockchain that was stuck which was notified to us by a vigilant community member, afkarafian. The first thing we did was repair the chain, and we were unfortunately obliged to cut some bad blocks and revert the chain to block 69331. It was an issue concerning timestamps and we know some of you have lost a few mining hours due to this which we sincerely regret.

Some of the other CryptoNight coins were stuck for days with the same issue, which thankfully we were able to solve in a much shorter span of time. We were able to reproduce the same attack on our test chain, and we have made some improvements in the code to mitigate future risks.

Given the resources and workforce we had, it was a mammoth task which required us to work continuously for more than 24 hours in a row, which we hopefully believe have resulted in a much better and robust code. This incident has multiplied our resolve to get our product even more resilient and to make it a level playing field for the crypto community in general as well as the Stellite community in particular.

Patched wallets are available on GitHub.

Our next steps:

  • Work on the GUI wallets to resolve issues that we identified with the last fork
  • Work on the web wallet
  • IPFS/ZeroNet alpha release

We once again would like to thank the community for all the support.

Yours truly,
Stellite Team

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