Analysis Reveals Nano, Stellar, XRP, EOS, NEO and IOTA Are Among the Fastest Cryptocurrencies on Binance

in stellar •  8 months ago 

The faster a distributed ledger can process a large number of transactions, the more likely it is to become a go-to platform. For example, a cryptocurrency with a fast transaction speed could challenge traditional payment companies like Visa.

Interesting article on the transaction speeds of the different cryptocurrencies. I own Stellar and am happy to see it near the top of the list at 5 seconds. Crypto has come a long way, all these speeds are pretty impressive to me. I can remember not too long ago, and still today, the biggest knock on crypto was the transaction speeds. It's good to see the speeds are getting faster and faster.

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Stellar down with the rest of the market, $.21

this is good
in this day in binance this good coin


What coin is that? Have you done a post that explains what it does? I'd like to know more.....


Cool, I'll check it out