Stellar Lumens , A stellar performer ?

in stellar •  last year

JEd Mcaleb

Picture : mysetllar .org


When you have a talented and Blockchain genius jump ship from pioneering Ripple and starting Stellar , there’s bound to be lumens . In this case it’s paying off . Jed had also started Mt Gox. Ouch .

I wrote last year that Stellar was going places , and it seems the BChain crypto has IBM on board and that seems to be the secret receipe for success with most Cryptos - have a killer BChain and sign up a client that everyone respects .

Their Cross boarder payments are already in use in South Pacific countries and will cost next to nothing . I personally think that their “ my stellar site “ like steemit is very average but XLM is doing very well

At time of press the price of XLM is :


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