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Stellar (XLM) is a unique cryptocurrency because it does not have a real competitor. However, some may consider the ripple (XRP) to be his opponent. Ripple is an international paypal platform, and a sterile payment platform, in which there is no intermediary and allows users to exchange values ​​without the third party's intervention. In addition, Stellar is an intelligent contracts platform for ICO. Mobius ICO, which has just recently been on the stall, was the first attempt to be successful.

While Ethers, EOS and Cardano fight for the best platform for smart contracts, the staller does not face any resistance. The Blockchain Platform is two steps ahead in this game and has more titles claims than just a valid contract platform.

Stellar is also expected to sign an agreement with several central banks to ensure they are blockchain by a stolen case if they start issuing cryptocurrency. Depending on the number of Stellar Blockchain's request by such institutions, we can say that Stellar has the best blockchain in terms of scale and speed. It is also fully supported by IBM, which is already a FinTech device and runs a program for these central banks and other financial institutions. Stellar has already undergone a widespread recognition from the cryptovant enthusiasts. Now the game can be replaced with the recognition of financial institutions and big corporations. Stellar also intends to cooperate with Malina Gates Foundation to eliminate poverty throughout the world. This project also offers investors an opportunity to buy Stellar Lumens's coin with a more reliable source for home-grown cryptos trading.

Stellar showed us his strength against the US dollar. At this point, his trade price is $ 0.29, and it tries to get a psychological barrier of $ 0.3. The best price for Stella was $ 1, which was fixed in January this year.

source: https://goo.gl/gvQeoF

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