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The government, enforcer of law and order, protector of lives and properties, defender of human rights and assurer of freedom. But with the government surveilling all activities of her citizens raises the question are we really free? Are our activities really private?

This is a question citizens keep asking as they are unable to determine their actual level of privacy. The issue of privacy especially when it comes to privacy from the government is a very delicate one as it differs in all places around the globe.

In a bid to ensure maximum security and safety of its citizens from terrorists the government keeps an eye on the private affairs of citizens. This includes phone calls, texts, emails, bank details, financial transactions and so much more. With so many agencies keeping tabs on you, there’s no one safe from the prying eyes of the government.


The growing problem of government surveillance is a major one that makes one wonder the level of freedom they actually possess. Too much surveillance makes one feel less free and that’s actually scary as you also feel less safe. There might be some sensitive message you want to send out, but because of the consciousness of the fact that the government might be watching you are deterred from doing so.

The advent of blockchain technology offered individuals the enablement of making private and untraceable financial transactions. However, of all the blockchain platforms available to us only one has been able to offer secure and decentralized messaging, and that’s Stegos. Stegos is the first blockchain platform that offers users the ability to privately and securely send messages without being linked back to the sender or traced to the receiver.

Stegos is a completely private cryptocurrency and messaging platform that was designed to shield you from government surveillance. If you feel you’ve landed on the radar of the government this is one platform that would enable you evade the all seeing eye of the government.

The growing problem of government surveillance resulted to the cry for a more private and secure means of transferring finances and data, and Stegos is the answer we’ve been waiting for.


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