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The last several weeks have been some of the most challenging in the history of Freedomain Radio - and it only got even worse in the last 24 hours. Stefan Molyneux discusses the challenges of the last few weeks including receiving two random YouTube guidelines strikes - putting his account on the verge of deletion.

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Who could bet when Google paermaban @stefan.molyneux?

You're using a platform like Steemit/, but you don't mention this at all in this video. One of the very few blockchain video platforms where you cannot be censored and can earn, but no mention of this in the video?

Why not?


totally agree. to have a video on a platform where you financially rewarded should negate the need to beg for donations.

Oh man! Stefan I had no idea you were on steemit too! I am seeing so many people I followed when I used Youtube moving over to here. Welcome to the steem blockchain.

glad to see you here... fear not