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RE: Introducing Steeve Vote Beneficiaries

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I'm very happy with this development @steeveapp and have enough RC's to cover the additional comments.

@steevebot is going to be creating comments, you are going to be voting only.

We actually discussed excluding people with little SP yesterday. It is doable, but there are actually not that many accounts with so little SP, we think. In any case, this can be added later if it turns out to be a problem.

I'd be happy to pay 15% of my vote or even 20% of my vote for posts that I found through @steeveapp.

It would probably make sense to make this configurable.

I don't want to set @steeveapp as a beneficiary for all of my @steeveapp upvotes but I want to upvote the @steeveapp notification comment at 100%. Is there a setting to allow that?

Not exactly sure what you mean here. First, we are not going to charge you for all upvotes through Steeve, just those on recommended stories. And those notification comments you would like to upvote 100%, which are those? You said earlier that 15% or 20% would be fine, so what is this number related to? Which of the beneficiary comments you would like to upvote?

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Sorry for the confusion @void.

I am accumulating Steem right now, but once I have 3,000+ Steem Power I want to set my contribution for @steeveapp to 15% to 20% for recommended posts.

In the mean time, I want to contribute 100% of my vote to the @steeveapp comments for recommended posts since the contribution would still only be .004 to .007.

Benefactor vote weight is now configurable in Settings. Can be se to 10% - 100% and it is relative to the original vote weight, not absolute.

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Will my vote help @steeveapp, even though it is only worth $0.004? @void

(I am wondering if I should wait until my vote is worth $0.02 before changing the settings to 100%).

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Yeah, I will probably make it configurable.

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Thanks @void.

I check the @steeveapp regularly to see if it is usable and sometimes I find really good authors with it. Other times though it is too slow, like today.

There is also the issue with iPhones that It won't scroll down inside posts unless I switch it from mobile view to desktop view and back and forth each time I open a post.

Someone said they already submitted a ticket for this a couple of days ago but I wanted to make sure you knew about it.

I really enjoy the design and logo. Thank you @void 😊👍🏼

Yeah, you probably mean this issue.

Not sure when we will manage to get to this as we are seriously lacking human resources for the web app.

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Ah okay @void I have been using the web app thinking that is all you have.

Is there an Android app for @steeveapp?

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No, there is no native app. It would anyway make more sense to just improve the web app to serve as a native app. The whole app is already cached locally in your browser, we would just need to add a way to navigate through the app without the browser address bar.

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Yeah, I agree @void spending time to develop an Android and iOS app would probably be a waste of resources, especially given the current circumstances as a start-up and the bear market in cryptocurrencies.

  • Posts from users I muted still appear in the @steeveapp feed when someone resteems their post.

This causes problems for me since I am following someone who consistently resteems posts from a person I muted. If you can solve this someday it would improve my experience.

Thank you for all that you do @void I am really enjoying your app!

You can create an issue in the issue tracker, but it seems that this is simply the way Steem works at the moment. I can take a look later if you create an issue.

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