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RE: Introducing Steeve Vote Beneficiaries

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So you're solution is to spam the blockchain. I'd facepalm if you could see it...

I'm a huge fan of Steeve's "Read Next" feature...but not your best idea.


We are thinking about the upsides and downsides of each feature a lot and would never do something that would be a waste of blockchain resources. See for example this discussion with @gtg.

First of all, this feature doesn't need to be there until infinity. When the proportion of all Steem votes going through Steeve would become too high, the information value of the comments would decrease significantly. So there would be only the financial aspect. Then we can decrease the number of comments by making let's say 1 comment per 10 user votes and give it 1 beneficiary vote for all of the 10 original votes.

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So what is this "spam the blockchain" about? Does it really matter as long as we have enough RC? We are just using the tool we have. It's the blockchains problem there are no native vote beneficiaries. Such a feature would be totally logical IMO.

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The fact that you're making comments advertising your tool below any post upvoted from it that was discovered thanks to your AI. I have a tiny account and I know that technically I could post more comments than I could physically type. Can doesn't mean should.

If you want to use a feature that doesn't exist, you have to create that feature. What you're doing is creating replies to a TON of posts, advertising your service, which is by definition spam, and then using the keys you were given by users to use your tool to upvote your spam comments. Even if it's at a certain percentage, that's

From what I know, @hr1 told me that this feature was requested, but it was rejected for some reason, I think that he mentioned potential technical issues?

Well, there are two parts to this feature. The beneficiary one and the spread the word one. We could potentially just keep creating foobar comments under a foobar post and use that to collect all rewards, that is true. I guess that you would like that better. On the other hand, calling these comments spam is just your view on the matter. Look at @chrisrice above who likes the feature actually.

And as @hr1 pointed above, we are not saying this feature will be on forever.

Thanks for your comments in any case, any input is valuable and we are considering it. It might be just a bit too early to judge before the users had any chance to see it in production and comment on it.

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