Some issues with the Steepshot app.

in steepshot •  2 months ago

The last few weeks, I have been experiencing some issues with the @steepshot app.

When I try to access the app, using the icon on my phone desktop, it tries to open for a few seconds, and then it closes, without entering the main page.

If I try to open the app through the Google Play app, I can sometimes access the main page...but only sometimes...

My Steepshot page🙂

Automatic Updates?

I have been reading about several updates, but I am curious to know if the app is updated automatically through Google Play, or if I have to do it myself, does anyone know??

Today, I tried to open, and use the app again, and still the same issues!
Decided to try and uninstall the app, and install it again...At first, this seemed to be working🙂🙂 Got access to the main page, and tried to write and submit a post...everything went just right, found a picture, wrote some words, and pressed submit....Thinking for a while, nothing new there...and 10 seconds later, the app closed!!😡😡 No post was submitted!!

Why is this??? If anyone knows, I could use a little help!🙂

My favourite app🙂

I have been using the @steepshot app many times, and I have been very happy using it. To me, it's perfect for quick posting of pictures and some quick text...This is in a way my Instagram, or at least, I'm using it this way🙂

But my favourite app for accessing the #steem #blockchain is still eSteem Mobile🙂

The eSteem Mobile app is perfect for writing bigger, and more good-looking posts, and I use it as often as possible.
It cointains all the features needed to create good-looking and valuable posts, I'm still learning to use all the features, not that good at mark-up language...but I'm learning🙂

My favourite app is still eSteem Mobile🙂

Thanks for reading🙂


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@vintherinvest I'm experiencing the same issues once in a while...but only once in a while! Don't know why the app is somewhat unstable...thought it was updated automatically, but I'm not sure.
I totally agree with you on eSteem👍👌

Thank you so much for posting so great. From your post I found a lot of good quality pictures.

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Thank you very much @minnowpond 🙂

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