Vegan Pink Pizza Naturally Colored

in steepshot •  9 months ago


Since pizza day just passed and I forgot to make one. I am always making pizza's so here is something I made a few months back. I was testing out how to get a pink crust with some dragon-fruit and it came out pretty damn cool if you ask me. This is a butternut squash & caramelized onion topped with an almond ricotta cheese.

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THis look so damn yummie! Resteemed! See this beautiful colors of the nature!
Halleluja for the vegan lifestyle💜
Hugs to you my dear!
Great one.
Can I order now please...;-)


thank you! sure you can order now haha :)

It looks so cool!!! And the idea, that pizza might be useful - made my day))) I'm not talking about pink color, it hi me excited!


aw thank you! :)

the color is very cool


thank you vivia !

Oh this is so good! I love the pink! I would gobble this up in an instant! Cheers


haha thanks so much !

Looks awesome! What else is in the crust?


its dragon fruit !

Looks and sounds great😍


Thanks lovely :)