A beautiful sea port....upvoted-always and keep up the good work my friend.
Do not forget to see my latest post for a video bounty...happy weekend.

Stunning view dear @slowwalker ! Nice click !!

Photography are so beautiful thank you for sharing

Beautiful sky by the sea and city.


This is how I saw my city yesterday

Sometimes a pic can tell many many stories and this is a great example on how just a single photo include many things ^_^ Thanks for share

good photography

is't it just a picture...? I can't found lots of else in here except a view with cloudy. I love this place cause of the water in there and I think to fishing big fish. Maybe prohibited from fishing or maybe there have lot of crocodile in there, or what ever else. Tell us more even that from your representative. I will spend money to come to chejoo and we will get the go to fishing together. ( I had few comments for the chejoo island) and I wish I have spare time to visit it. thanks for share @slowwalker totality I love it.

Beautiful landscape ...

Looks so unreal. Amazing!

dramatic lanscape, exelent

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Amazinng photo thank you so much for sharing this wonderful view

seems so beautiful !!!

It is really wonderful view of port covered by cloud!

is this in Jeju Island, South Korea? That looks great

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