This is the opening image for some drama movie. Such a beautiful image

Nice view,superb shot

Nice view of CheJoo Island at Dusk...good post @slowwalker

peaceful just like the sea at dusk in Dalian !

Wow. Brilliant. Do you begin your search for a location with Google Earth. Haha, bcos this location is so amazing and less busy. I find that the biggest challenge with capturing the dusk sky is “finding a location with limited light pollution.” In order to prevent light pollution, it’s important to drive as far away as possible from any city no matter how small the city is. It seems thats what you did. Great job :)
The quality of the picture is really spectacular.

beautiful shot ; where is Chejoo.

all your photos are impeccable, majestic! I admire you. Congrats!!

Wow. Incredible shot. Dusk isa favorite for me. I have a quick question @slowwalker or @georgechuks.

  1. Do you go through a lot of batteries over the course of a dusk shoot?
  2. What do you use for a light source when it comes to painting the objects in the foreground?

Nice one @slowwalker. Perfect timing. The pic looks peaceful and i really like it.
@bridgetoby, for your first question, It really depends on the generation of your
camera. With my old camera, I had to bring like five batteries with me and I'd burn through all of them in one night. Now, I've gotten to use the Canon 1D X and one battery will last the entire night. I would generally say everyone should go out with at least two batteries, though. It sucks when you're camera dies and it ruins a night of shooting.
For the second question, I use a headlamp as a light source in a lot of my shots. Everyone thinks you need a bright light source, but they forget you're trying to balance your foreground with starlight. A headlamp is plenty. Sometimes I'll bring a little lantern. Those constant light LED panels are fantastic if they're dimmable. I'll put them on the lightest setting -- it's barely turned on -- and that's usually enough light to blast a whole scene. I never bring a big giant mag light or anything like that. Hope these helped. Have a great one. I still believe @slowwalker has more experience :)

I am using not expensive camera. cannon eos 100
for novice.
it is small, so easy to carry. usually 1 battery was enough for me.

I use natural light as long as possible. In taking a long shot, additional light was not so helpful for me

wwwowww great
There are two options every morning, complete your sleep, take your dreams, or wake up and follow your dreams.
The choice is yours. Good morning.

Good job @slowwalker and i resteem

Me encanto ese atardecer! gracias por compartirlo!

Nice, thank you

I love the lights of the city from afar. I prefer the place where did you take a shot it seems so quite. Up

beautiful camptur

I have no words to explain this beauty. Awesome!

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what a beautiful sight. A great landscape.

wow its a great scenary ever..i see you always great post every day..i am everyday realise that your post is quality fantastic.✌✌✌✌

Great scenery.. which country is that in? I want to start travelling before i get grey hairs😂

wow looks so beautiful when dusk is around :D

Interesting photography you have my vote

Wow ! Beautiful dusk !! Love it !!!

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