is that in Korea?

I would like an office with a view like that! Lol

I always enjoy your post...would however like to see a bit more content there...however good sunset pic, upped.
In my recent post, I outlined reasons why people fail here and mentioned you there-feel free to see it. More success to you and keep up the good work.

Thats a beautifull sunset @slowwalker

Peaceful, easy feeling. I take a deep breath and let out a sigh. Beautiful.

see your photo, remember me time in canada.
I really like your photos.

nice picture bro

sunset scenery with beautiful colors and natural charm of CheJoo Island, incredible, very great post @slowwalker

Nice photo some where in time

Immensely beautiful

Beautiful sunset, greetings

Nice picture... Follow me

Wow look at that sunset (or is it sunrise!) still looks amazing! What a view

Wow if is bright the sun. But looking good. Always awesome to enjoy a beautiful sunset

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very nice @slowwalker ... amazing photo... are you photographer bro?

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Very beautiful 😍

but here Dalian it's a cloudy day ! beautiful sunset !

Unconventional sunset. Cuddle at bedtime. I like your captured :)Up and resteem

Thank you for sharing

amazing sunset photogrphy

Beautiful view my friend! Seems like a restaurant, great place to enjoy a nice meal while admiring the view!

Nice photography..
This my photography

pretty awesome to watch :D

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