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perfect shot.

Why is this is getting to much upvotes? A single random photo? Ok, I think that this user is very old on steemit...

Nice my friend @slowwalker

Love the shot upvt and restmd


I believe it is a better view from that spot, standing there without a camera, and breathing the air in quiet, peaceful day...

Breathtaking !

Beautyful View <3

Very though-provoking image. Thank you for sharing :)

This is a really great picture! I love how you captured the sun beams behind the clouds! Its a painting on its own!

Best wishes

That's a really great image

So nice😍

loving the light beams eheheh

I tried to find the app on IOS but it doesn’t see to exist 🤪

The picture is very nice, the air is cool and fresh. i always follow what you do ,,
Thank you for sharing @slowwalker

Wow the fog over the city combined with the morning sun penetrating the clouds makes for quite the photo! Well done!

It's really amazing!!!

oh that looks like rain out of my friend. Have a nice Day. I would also like to use Steepshot, unfortunately the app is not available for me. :-(

sunshine under the tree ,.


thank you for voting in my steemit!!!!

the scenery is very beautiful, I like to your photos.

que lindo atardecer

looks heavenly shot wow

This is a good shot! Love the cloudsss!

this is such a beautiful picture. keep it up @slowwalker

Look like its going to rain great shot you have my vote

This is an interesting shot, where is it at? It looks like an early morning or early evening shot.