0.05g...I could accidentally breathe it in and die?

humm....... they are solid with relatively high boiling point, so they are not that easy to vaporize and breathe in. (But still, it had been a long time no one using it haha)


哈哈 對啊~
看來你看不少香港的劇集 XDD





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哈哈~ 別擔心,這個系列已經完結了..........
更恐怖的陸續有來 XDDDD (說說笑而已)


I don't want harmful "advises" ("How many ways to die") to be high visibility on steepshot that's why I am flagging. (not censoring of course but not pushing too high at the same time)

Come on, its more like a joke, and in addition, I didn't encourage anyone to commit suicide, but just meaning that "if you dont handle chemicals well, you might die" in an academic point of view. Yet, i still get what you are trying to say, and all right, fair enough. The series is more or less ended here, but anyway, I will be more careful in designing titles in the future.
Thanks for your comments and suggestions :)

Thanks for your understanding, and keep posting. Will keep an eye at your content for sure