Zombie Formalism

in #steepshot4 years ago

I'm taking a painting class at university. We are studying a genre of painting called Zombie Formalism ( Google it). As a fun project our instructor asked us each to do a painting of a zombie that had some sort of line going through it. We'd then put up all the paintings together with the common line connecting them as a group. I guess my piece was the most formal zombie. But it was fun to do.

My wife will not allow me to put this painting up in our house


Zombie formalism Class grouping.jpg


You're so talented Ian! Your art is amazing, I think your wife should put this up in your house, but maybe in the basement! haha

That is an awesome painting.

I am kinda with your wife on this, as I would not allow it in my bedroom, but it would be okay in the living room, or guest bathroom...

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