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in steepshot •  6 months ago


I can't complain about my job. I get to build cool stuff in the heart of the Kootenays. I love living the mountain life!

I was milling up some timber posts for the deck we are extending near a cliffside. Rocky Mountain Views!

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Wow! Gorgeous 🌅✌ You are still working at the same job. Gosh i love the Kootneys. There's a special spot in my heart for that area! I am going back country camping in Peter Lougheed next week & Kananaskis the week after. So glad for summer ❤❤❤💚❤

awesome veiw , it sure beats the heck out of the skyscrapers and moldy concrete :) cheers @egregorian

Looks like an awesome way to spend the day.

What cha building ?

@yogajill ya will be on this reno til end of august! the koots are amazing!!! love living here.